Discover Europe 6th April - 6th May 2016


Hey all,

I’m Amy and my partner Nathan and I just put a deposit down for this trip!
We are super excited and are wondering if anyone else is doing this trip too? or has already done it and has any reviews on it? :smile:


Oh! You got me excited here, haha! I’m going with my partner on this trip but we leave May 4th. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Hey Amy,
My names Siv. I’ll also be doing this tour leaving April 6th! … but I’ll be doing it alone :smile: I’ve read mostly good reviews, so I’m super excited too :blush::blush::blush:


Hey Siv!
That’s awesome! We are so excited, the countdown has begun! Are you staying at the pre-accommodation beforehand? We are :blush: We are also staying in London a week before starting the tour!


Aww you’re gonna be there a week earlier… that sounds awesome! I’m trying to sort out dates with work so i can leave earlier and do the same lol.

Where are you guys from? I’m from Melbourne, Australia here. Just wondering if you know anything about what luggage restrictions they have. Not sure if i should bring a medium or larger sized suitcase :confused:


Hopefully it all works out for you so you can spend a bit of time in London before hand, it would also help with the jet lag haha.
We are just from Brisbane :grinning:
From my knowledge we can have 20kg of Baggage? We are just taking larger suitcases, but obviously not going overboard with the packing haha so we can leave space for things we buy.