Discover Europe 5th September 2007


anyone going on this tour? i am a 28 year old australian girl, going to be travelling on my own, would like to chat to other people going on this trip, thanks.[br][br]Amanda


Hi Amanda,[br][br]I am also going on this tour. I am 26, Australian and will also be travelling alone. I would love to chat about the trip, I have really looking forward to it. [br][br]Samantha


Hey,[br][br]I’m also doing this tour, but will be joining in Budapest. Im going to Europe with some friends for the rugby world cup, but not going to the Canada game so whilst they are at that I’m going to be on the trip… I’m 27 and from Melbourne. [br][br]Feel free to drop me a line, I’ll be keen to know some people especially when joining later in the tour![br][br]Dave


awesome guys im glad to meet other people who are going alone too :)[br][br]im sooooo excited words cant explain ! september cant get here soon enough :slight_smile:


is anyone else going on this tour ? departing 5th september 07 ??


Hi,[br][br]I’m going on this tour as well! I’m 25 originally from Brisbane but have been living in London for the last 4 years.[br][br]Nicole


Hi Amanda, Nicole and Dave,[br][br]I have been excited about this trip since Feb, and knowing a few names to look out for will make the first day easier. Hopefully we might hear from a few more heading out on this trip.[br][br]Samantha


I’m going on this tour on 11th July! Can’t wait! I’ll let you all know how it goes!


I agree it will be good to know a few names before we go. Are you all going to the meeting the night before?[br][br]Nicole.


Hi samantha, nicole and dave :slight_smile: [br][br]yep i am staying at the globetrotter inn so i will more than likely go to the meeting the night before, i get to london on 2nd september and staying at globetrotter until we leave, and then when we get back to london on 30th im staying there until i go home on the 4th october. [br][br]my email address is it would be cool to chat[br][br]its not long to go now guys ! OMG i am sooooo excited !!! its like 6 weeks !!


Have you all got your travel documents yet? I’m still waiting… [br][br]Also are there any other guys on this tour???


i got a call from my travel agent today - she recieved the travel documents today i have to go in now to pick them up. [br][br]i am sure there will be more guys they just havent found the forum ! :slight_smile: dont stress ! ;D


Gidday my husband and I are going to be on the tour as well. We are sooo looking forward to it, can’t wait to meet everyone. Will catch up with you on the night before. We are 33 and 30 - god I hope we aren’t too old! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,[br][br]I will see you all at the meeting on the Tuesday! I already live in London…have been here for a while and love it. Can’t wait for this trip…! Not long to go now!;D


nah of course ya wont be too old !! :slight_smile: [br][br]its going to be sooo awesome OMG i can not wait !!! [br][br]i am really going to struggle with the luggage weight limit though haha, might have to do a few trial packings before i go to make sure i dont go over hehe.


I just arrived back from this trip (Hotels). You will have an awesome time! If you want any info let me know.


The luggage is always a hard one. I have tried packing most of my stuff, already - ekk. We head off next Monday so we are counting the sleeps now. Have a few places to visit before we hit the tour. Well can’t wait to meet you all - see yah in September!!


Try rolling up your clothes…saves room and also makes less creases in your clothes.


welcome back ice :slight_smile: yeah i heard about the rolling clothes, good idea ! :)[br][br]what place did you love the most !??[br][br]whats the weather like over there right now ??[br][br]how much money did you take and did you have enough?? i am sure im gonna need more than i got to satisfy my shopping habits haha


my friend just came back from a similar trip through budget expeditions and she only spent around 600 euros…in 3 weeks[br][br]i think i’ll bring about 2000 just in case we party hard - and anything left over is just a bonus;)[br][br]not long to now