Discover Europe - 5th October to 7th November


Hi guys!
Looking for anyone doing the Discover Europe trip 5th of October to 7th of November :slight_smile:
I’m a 22 year old female travelling from Adelaide, Australia


Hey Taylah!
I’m also doing this tour! I’m 21 from New South Wales :grinning:


Hey Kayla,

That’s great to finally find someone, especially from Australia! Really starting to get excited now. Are you travelling alone or with someone?


I’m travelling alone so I’m glad to have found someone as well! How about you? And are you planning to do any other travel before or after the tour?


I was initially travelling in a group of four, however two of those people dropped out. So now it is just myself and my best friend, Dylan travelling together :slight_smile:

We’re flying into London a couple of days early and staying a couple days extra in Amsterdam at the end but that’s it. How about yourself?


Sounds good! I’ll be in London a couple of days beforehand as well and then heading to Ireland after.
Have you guys downloaded the Topdeck app? There’s a few more people who will be on our tour on there :smile:


The couple of days extra at the start was basically a necessity hey haha. Need some time to settle in and recover from the flights. Oh yeah, nice! Ireland would be good.

I’ve just downloaded it now, thanks! Keen to see who else is on our trip. Have you done a topdeck tour before? :slight_smile:


Yeah exactly! It will be good to see London before we head off. And I think some people were talking about catching up before the tour starts. No I haven’t, this is my first Topdeck tour. But I’ve heard so many good things, how about you? :slight_smile:


Definitely :slight_smile :slight_smile: I would like to do that too but depending on where we would need to travel to do so. Obviously money is a big thing right now haha.

I’m in the same boat, never done a tour but heard good things from people. 12 weeks today, woohoo!


That’s crazy! So exciting! Well I look forward to meeting you, I’ll see you in 12 weeks! :slight_smile:p


SO exciting. Can’t wait, I look forward to it too babe!

I’m having trouble finding my booking number to log into the app - I tried one that I found on my itinerary but it wasn’t correct. Where did you find yours? X


I found mine on the booking confirmation email I received and you should also be able to find it if you login to your Topdeck account on the website. It’s a number starting with TA :slight_smile:


Thanks babe! will have a look and get it sorted :slight_smile: