Discover Europe 5th October - 4th November 2016


Hi all! My partner and I have just booked this tour. We are both 25, travelling from Brisbane Australia. It’s awhile away now but still very exciting! Just wanting to see if anyone has booked also? It’s our first time travelling to Europe and with Topdeck so not too sure what to expect but have heard good things! :smile:


Hey! I just booked this tour aswell. I’m 18 and travelling from Brisbane too. It’s my first solo trip to Europe and with Topdeck. I’m so excited. :smiley:


Hi! That’s awesome! It’s our first trip to Europe also. Getting closer only two months away :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I will be travelling on this trip aswell solo. First time to Europe aswell so pretty pumped!


Heya that’s great! Where are you travelling from?:blush:


Travelling from Sydney, will be in London from the Friday prior catching up with some friends. Will be staying at the burns hotel the night prior to our departure. Where abouts are you coming from?


Sweet! We are travelling from Brisbane and get into London on the Sunday morning. Hopefully the travel on the bus isn’t too bad - heard pros and cons re bussing around!


I am planning on getting the tube from the airport - heard that is much easier and faster. Have either of you looked into this yet?


Definitely getting the tube around in London! I meant when we are travelling around Europe on the topdeck bus :confused:


oh sorry! My partner just came back from a top deck tour and he said it was fine. Long days on the bus but he just slept (mainly because he was drinking too much the night before). He did tell me they try and avoid letting people use the bathroom on board to keep it for emergency only, they encourage to always go on pit stop. Plus he said make sure you have lots of coins so you can pay for the bathroom, they dont accept notes or cards. He really enjoyed it thought so i am looking forward to ours!


Hi! Sorry i don’t really come on here much ha! oh good to know thanks heaps!! I’m not really looking forward to the long days on the bus but hopefully the scenery will make it more enjoyable. Just over three weeks to go now, wonder how many people have booked now!