Discover Europe - 4 September 2012


Hi all,

Just got my travel documents and very excited about the trip so I thought I’d get the ball rolling :slight_smile: Who’s coming?


Hey, I will be on this tour, how exciting not long now:) are you meeting up in Paris or London? Mel


Hey Mel,
I’ll be joining in Paris. Unfortunatelly I’ll be flying in the same day so I won’t get to see much of Paris beforehand. But I will be island hopping at Greek Island at the end of August so that should be fun :slight_smile:


Hey there, I fly into Paris 3days before hand super excited bit concerned about communicating though wish I payed more attention to learning French at school haha I’m doing the Greek island hopper to :slight_smile: cannot wait its top of my list. I’m doing the one beginning of October


Hi guys,

My boyf and I will be on this trip, getting off in Rome, we are doing the European Emporer tour. We still haven’t got our docs from our travel agent so will be chasing them up tomorrow. We are both kiwis 26 and 28, well actually Brendon will be turning 28 on the 4th Sept when we’re in Paris!! B-)