Discover Europe 4 May 2016



Anyone else doing this trip? :airplane:


Hi @sjarnpaige I am doing the Discover Europe May 4th one - my first solo trip (eek) - 6 months and 6 days to go, I can’t wait :smile:


Hi guys!
My partner and I are also doing this trip :smile: So excited!


Oh yay! My partner and I are doing this also! Where are you guys from? @LeesaP also :slight_smile: yay! Finally I’ve found some people on our trip hah!


Hi @sjarnpaige and @Ashleigh_Abel - I’m from Melbourne, Australia, where are you guys from?


I’m from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia :smile:


I’m from New Zealand! Sounds like there will be a lot of Australians on our trip. So exciting! :slight_smile:


Aussies and Kiwis - sounds like it should be a good group :smile:


hey everyone @LeesaP @Ashleigh_Abel :smile:
Me and my partner will be on this trip as well, we are from the sunshine coast, Australia, seems there might be a few aussies on this trip, wooho cant wait!!!


Hi @Rachael_Burnes :slight_smile: I soooo can’t wait for this trip either, can’t believe how quickly it’s coming around - less than 4 months to go!


Hey all! Not long now! :grimacing: I was just wondering if you guys have sorted everything eg accommodation before/after the trip, visas, etc? @Rachael_Burnes @LeesaP @Ashleigh_Abel


We are staying a night before the tour at the burns hotel where the tour starts so we will be in the right place for the tour start date. As for visas I didn’t think we needed any ? @sjarnpaige


Haha have you already booked? Sorry for the questions. Straight up, we’re doing this through a travel agent and I can’t get in touch with her and I just remembered like everything I have to do for the trip now. Hahahahahaha oh really? Nvm me then. Sure she’s out here trying to rip me off. Lol! The struggle. :unamused: @Rachael_Burnes


Yeah we booked the extra accom for the night before the tour with our travel agent when we booked the tour. As for the visas, with an Australian passport you will only need a visa if travelling to Albania, turkey, Russia, Egypt or some places in south east Asia . I just checked on the top deck page about visas and that’s what they said :slight_smile:


Omg where can I find a travel agent like yours :unamused: :joy: but thank you so much! I appreciate it!!


She’s pretty amazing she has honestly booked everything for our whole time over there! Are you doing any extra travel over there besides the tour?


She sounds it! She’s made it so easy for you! I emailed our travel agent yesterday morning and I’m still waiting for a reply. We have all our flights booked it’s just the accom and I just looked now and there’s only like, 4 rooms left for that date. Lmao! And nah, sadly. Wish we were but we have to get back. Wby?


I couldn’t stand not getting a reply. I had a look the other day and had over 500 emails to and from my travel agent over the past year organising the trip. After the trip finishes we have a week in London, a week in Madrid, a week and a half in Malaga/la linea (south Spain) and then a week in Barcelona before we fly home. So we had a lot of extra arrangements to organise ! Haha

Oh god four rooms!! Better get onto that quick haha. Who are you flying with?


I finally got a reply after I just spammed her with emails and she pulls out the “Please pay this much ASAP” omg I wasn’t readdddyyyyy haha! Wow! That is so cool! That’ll be so nice! I’m so jealous!!! :weary: take me with you! Nah hahaha.


Hahaha that’s funny!! Those emails are the worst! Yeah it will be nice to have the extra month just doing our own thing. I seriously can’t wait hah. I have this holiday planned to a t, and my partner doesn’t even really know where we are going he’s just like you sort it all out hahah