Discover Europe - 3rd September 2008


Is anyone going on this tour from Palmerston North/New Zealand/Australia? :slight_smile:


Not from there. [br][br]But on this tour and can’t wait. But I have been to both NZ and Oz. LOOOOVED it. Hence why before this tour starts I am visiting both countries again! [br][br]Cheers![br][br]PS: You on facebook??!


Hi Nikki, that’s so cool!!! It feels a little more real now that I’ve met someone who is doing the same tour as me and my husband. I am on facebook, but unfortunately I’ve been a bit slack, I need to upload a photo of me, just need to take a decent pic of myself. lol[br]Will be good to meet you in person. What day are you flying over to London? Are you staying at the Globetrotter Inn?[br]Catchya