Discover Europe 3rd Sept - 28th Sept


Hi all,[br][br]Just wondering if there is anyone out there that is going to go on this same tour. Drop us a line. We have travelled a bit before but not in Europe so it would be good to swap questions and answers. Hope to hear from you all soon.[br][br]Mikal and Janelle


Hi Mikal and Janelle,[br][br]I am doing this trip.Travelling by myself.Like you,this will be my 1st time to Europe.[br][br]Later[br][br]Stu


Glad to hear there is at least one other person going on the same tour. Still looking for others going on this tour though. Could be lonely if its only three people, but on the other hand, its guaranteed departure so imagine the close attention we’d get on tour.[br][br]Anyway, i’m sure there would be others out there going on this same tour? We’d love to hear from you.[br][br]Mikal and Janelle


Hey Guys,[br][br]I am doing the Discover Europe tour that leaves on July 9th and I haven’t heard from anyone who is going in my tour yet :([br][br]I hope I am not the only one :o I am really looking forward to meeting some new people and having lots of fun![br][br]I hope that you have a great trip! ;D[br][br]Take care[br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London