Discover Europe - 31st August - 25th September


Hi :slight_smile: B-)

I am really looking forward to going on this tour, I will be travelling alone.
I was just wondering who else will be going on this tour?

Lauren :slight_smile:


HI Lauren

I am on the tour too!! So excited - only 8 weeks to go!!! Where you from?


Hi Bel, I’m from Adelaide I know 8 weeks to go woohoo!! Can’t wait!! Where are you from?


Brisbane!! Have you heard from anyone else on the tour?


Nope, just you. Have u heard from anyone either? You on Facebook?


Hi bel,

If you would like to meet up before tuesday morning (when the tour starts) I’ll be at the umi hotel Sunday and Monday (I arrive in London Sunday arvo and on the Monday I’ll have a London tour in the morning which I think goes til lunch time, but apart from that I’ll be free) :slight_smile:


Ps: 7 WEEKS TO GO!!! Woo hoo

7 weeks of work left


Hey guys,

I started a discussion about our tour a few months ago but now we are getting closer we might as well start chatting!!!

My husband and I are doing this tour and arrive in London on the 28th August just enough time to spend in London before the tour begins. We are also staying at the Umi Hotel for the 3 nights before. We may run into you there!!

We are from Perth. From the discussion I started a few months ago, I found two other couples doing the same tour which is good to know!

So, are you all ready??? Maybe we can use this to start asking questions e.t.c for the 7 weeks remaining…

Cheers :slight_smile:



My husband and I are also arriving at the UMI hotel on the 28th and staying there for a couple of days before the tour!

One of my questions is how cold will it get ?? We are from Brissie and anything below 25 is cold!!

How old are you guys? We both 28.

45 days and counting…!!!


oh and yes lauren I am on facebook!


Wow… that’s great!! Same hotel and dates!!!

Have you guys got any tours booked for London before the tour?

Lauren, I read that your doing a tour in London? What is it and did you book it through the net? Just wondering coz it might be good to book something just in case its too busy…

Haven’t checked out the weather yet Bel. I’m 27 and my husband turns 27 in London!! Wohhooo!!! Around the same age which is good.

Do you have any idea how your getting from the airport to the Umi? We are thinking of catching the Tube but not sure?? Any suggestions?

Thanks for letting me know there is 45 days left.

Sabrina :slight_smile:



I’m 28 too.

I booked everything through my travel agent. My first London tour is a morning tour of London and starts at 8.45am. I’m doing that tour on the Monday morning. The 2nd London tour I’m doing is after the Europe tour, and that’s an afternoon tour of London which starts at 1pm I think. both tours were in one of the brochures i got from the travel agent.

Um… To get to the hotel from the airport I’m getting a hotel transfer. As I thought since I’ve got a suitcase and by myself and my first time it’s easier etc.

As for the weather, my mum and dad and also my travel agent said it should be warmish (shorts and ,T-shirts, light pants etc)


We are thinking of doing a tour in London but not sure what to do? What is the name of the tour your doing in London in the morning? Where does it take you? We may even end up joining you…

Getting excited now… 6 weeks to go!!! :wink:


Hey, the Tour I’m doing is called “Morning London Tour” it goes for 4 hours it Departs 8.45am from Victoria Coach Station and includes include: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square (with NelsonÂ’s Column), Mayfair Area, and Piccadilly Circus (in LondonÂ’s West End). Plus a chance to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Yeah it would be good to do it from someone. Cos it starts early in the morning I was kinda of thinking of getting the hotel reception to book/call up to get a black cab then getting tube back to hotel. Hey did u know there’s a festival on near our hotel on the Monday!!

I know only 6 weeks left woo hoo… Sooooooo can’t wait either!!! :wink:


Hey, I think the best thing is to book small tours etc here in oz, cos you won’t have the hassle of lining up etc

Btw- are you thinking of going up the Eiffel tower when we’re in Paris? If so can I join you?


Will look into some small London tours this week…

Want to do the Eiffel tower tour in Paris and am sure there will be others wanting to do it so the more the merrier!! No worries!! Sounds good!! :slight_smile:


Would u like the name of the brochure, or if I can help with anything just let me know?! More than happy to help :slight_smile:


How did you go with London tours, Sabrina? Find anything? :slight_smile:



we havent booked any tours or anything for London. Figure we will just wing it when we get there!! How much are airport transfers vs the tube?? oh and I am def goign up the eiffel tower!!!

5 WEEKS TO GO LADIES!! I hope you both like wine cause we can wine taste our way through italy!

We should hook up for dinner or something the Monday night before our tour starts !



Hi bel,

How’s things? Isn’t it awesome 5 weeks to go!!! Sooo can’t wait either.
Transfers Is around $40 each way ($80 return).
Cool, I didn’t think I would be the only person who would want to go up the Eiffel tower, I think since there will be thousands of other people there we might have to get there real early. But they will prolly tell us, maybe.

Yeah the dinner on the Monday sounds great. Count me in. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!!! 5 WEEKS TO GO.