Discover Europe 30 August 2011


Hey Everyone :slight_smile:

My sister, her bf and I are going on the Discover Europe Tour August 30 2011 and just wanted to see who else is going on that tour! We are so excited!



I’m going on this one! I’m doing Britain and Ireland before this. yay!
I’m travelling solo…can’t wait ;D


Hi There,

I’m a fellow aussie traveller going solo and I’m so excited about my first overseas trip :slight_smile:


Hi all :slight_smile: I will also be joining you guys on this tour,travelling solo! Very excited,first time travelling too rach202.


Hey guys,

I’m not sure if anyone is still keeping tabs on the forum but I received the final itinerary today. Looks amazing and full on. Can’t wait. Staying at Umi hotel night before we leave. Hopefully will mean a great nights sleep :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

Yey! Will be great to meet you all. Not long now! We are staying at the Umi hotel for a few nights before hand so we can explore London. Since my sister and her man will be sharing a room I might be sharing a room with one of you girls! See you all there :smiley:


Hey all, Im planning to do the 2nd half of this tour in sept 2012. I would love your feedback and experiences regarding this tour. ie hotel location, bus ride etc… etc…!! thanx!!!