Discover Europe 30 Apr 08


Hi - just like everyone else, I’m interested in getting in contact with people booked for this trip. I’m heading over to the UK for my much delayed OE and extremely excited! So what better way to kick start the year with a flying visit through some amazing cities with a buch of complete strangers all of whom I’m sure will be great buddies by the end.[br][br]Look forward to hearing from you soon…[br][br]Carolyn


I’m so jealous Carolyn! Loved this trip sooo much and wish I was going again!


Awesome - thanks for that. Perhaps you could tell me a little more about it. The trip notes dont tell you much. i.e. what was your favourite part of the experience? Anything really - would just love to hear about it :slight_smile:


Looking back it is so hard to choose one fave spot. I liked every place we visited as every place has it’s own uniqueness about it. Don’t get turned away the first arvo you arrive in Paris. [br][br]Paris: We drove through the “slums” or one undesirable place to get to our hotel. I was a bit shocked at first but the next day it was full on and basically we were in the tourist district doing the typical tourist stuff which gave a much better impression of Paris and one that is quite beautiful. Go up Arc De Triumph…spectacular view! It’s a must. Don’t waste your time queuing in the line for the Eiffel Tower unless you have always passionately wanted to go up it! You are only in Paris for such a short time so utilise your time wisely (not queuing the whole day just to get up the ET). The Louvre is a must! Loved it to bits! Spent hours here and would definitely go inside again. *Go to the Caberet Show (optional excursion). Moulin Rouge would have been a thousand times better. [br][br]Barcelona: Fabulous! La Ramblas is awesome and if you are in the same hotel we stayed in, it is so close to everything! Go to Picasso if you like art (we went anyway even though I have never been a huge fan of Picasso…I’ve changed my views). There’s a great gift shop there too![br]You must try Sangria! and Paella! Sangria is great- we had dodgy versions that didn’t taste that flash…more like tasted like cheap warm red wine. You know what a good Sangria is once you’ve tasted it. [br]Go to the Flamenco Show (option excursion). It really is great. Catch a Taxi to the show (despite the rest of the group catching 2 trains to get the venue)…taxis are cheap! We used them a bit! Totally worth it. *I regret not buying the clocks at La Ramblas done on old records! Taxi was about $4.60 EUR split between 4 people. [br][br]Monaco: dress to impress to get it in! Girls need not worry too much. Be prepared to pay the entry fee and ensure you take your passport with you. Eat before you head to Monaco as everything is ridiculously priced! [br][br]Budapest: do a River Cruise of Danube-organise it with a few of the other guys on the trip…you will get a group discount.We went in the evening around 8.30pm or so. 1 hr cruise plus 2 drinks included. Budapest is gorgeous. Loved it. Go to the restaurant recommended by the tour guide…it’s great and you will find the biggest salads and schnitzel you have ever seen. Fantastic food.[br] [br]Florence: [/b]leather, leather, leather! But a purse or jacket or any other leather good. Prices were really reasonable! Loved Florence. Go out for dinner away from town so you get a more unique experience, and often the food is a bit cheaper. If you like jewellery you will see many stores going right over the bridge. The best gelato here! The food is fantastic too![br][br]Venice: amazing! Go on the Gondola…(optional excursion). It’s expensive but it’s about the experience. Lots of Murano glass! Lots of opportunity to buy gifts for yourself or others. [br][br]Rome: see and do as much as you can. We basically went to St Peter’s Basilica first…take the lift right up the top…views are fantastic of Rome and Vatican City. Line up for the Vatican 1st and skip the tour guides talk on St Peter’s Basilica. We were afraid we were going to miss out on the Vatican as they close early. Line up here first so you don’t miss out. The Coleseum is great too. We took a taxi after we had finished for the day back to the hotel. Totally worth it esp if you are splitting the bill. I think it was only $15 EUR or so. [br][br]Slovenia: Go to the restaurant the tour guide recommends. Fantastic food and try the traditional Slovenian dessert! Delicious! The caves were great in Postojna (optional excursion). [br][br]Prague: Prague is beautiful and great for doing some shopping! Prague was one of my fave places as well. The Babooshka dolls are everywhere! The markets are great to pick up are few bits and pieces to take back home. You will get the opportunity to try Absence! [br][br]Munich: another fave. Go to the Markets! Food, food and more food! The best Bratwurst sausages we bought from an old lady! The best! Save room for your Pork Knuckle at the Hofbrauhaus! Pork Knuckles are delicious. They might sound yuck but they are amazing! Drink steins all night at the beer hall. A fantastic night out. [br][br]Amsterdam: SHOES, SHOES AND MORE SHOES! The best place for shoes! So cheap! Ensure you are with someone whilst going through the red-light district and make sure you keep your items safe and close to you. Go there early and avoid walking through the district late at night. There is an optional excursion to go to a sex show but alot of us passed on this one![br][br]Anne Frank’s house! Van Gogh Museum is also worth a visit. I went to as many art museums as possible even though I wasn’t really into art. The art is amazing especially to see the originals![br] [br]There is alot more I could tell you about but seriously you will have a trip of a lifetime! It is amazing. If you see something you like and want just buy it. I made a few silly decisions in not buying some things but overall bought what I really loved and wanted. [br][br]Without a doubt you will have fun and meet people you will remain friends with after the trip. [br][br][br][br][br][br][br][br]


sounds fantastic! i am going on this tour on the 9th June. however it sounds as though more of the activities are optional than i thought? how much exactly is the gondola? i heard it was $AU90… also, do the huge tourist attractions like the eiffel towel and the vatican have such long queues that it wastes the day waiting to get in?


Hi Katie, there are a few optionals to do but alot of them are ones to do as a group usually at night. The Gondola does work out to be around $90 AUD or more if you and someone else hire it. The Gondolas take up to 6 people or so and it costs $18.50 EUR for a 20 min ride. Basically I think each Gondola is privately owned and it’s up to the owner to decide how much to charge. Don’t worry about the price, it’s all about the experience.