Discover Europe 2nd August 2011


Hi All,

Just wondering who else is going on the Discover Europe starting the 2nd of August.
My boyfriend and I will be on the tour. Looking forward to it:)


Hi Jacqui

I have recently booked my trip for departure on 2nd August. This is my first time to Europe and decided to travel solo, so look forward to meeting new people on the trip as we no doubt embark on quite the journey throughout Europe.

Is this your first time to Europe?

Karlee :slight_smile:


Hi Karlee,

It will be my first time to Europe. I am very excited! Should be heaps of fun.


Hi All

I’m also on this tour and travelling solo. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there too…:slight_smile:


Not long now… 7 weeks on Tuesday.


Hey Everyone, Im coming on this trip too :slight_smile:
Solo Travelling chick from NZ…Never been to Europe before.
Staying at the Umi the night before trip.
Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I’ll be staying at the Umi the night before too. So excited. Less than 2 weeks to go :slight_smile:


Hi!! I’m coming on this trip too!! I´ll be staying at the Umi the night before
I’m very excited and pretty nervous about my English…
Just hoping everyone understands me :-[
See you soon!!


Hi All,

To those going on the Discover Europe trip this year,I did it back in Sept 09.So if you have any questions,feel free to ask away.

You will have an awesome time.