Discover Europe 29 June-29 July 2016


Hey there!

About to book this tour, but as it’s not a guaranteed departure, I’m sussing out if anyone else has booked or looked into this trip?!



Hi Shannon,
I am doing this tour but on the guaranteed departure date of 18th May. I decided to go with a guaranteed tour date and just before the middle of the European summer so the weather is nice but not uncomfortable and also before all of Europe is on their summer holidays :slight_smile: I have already booked and am so excited!


Hi Linda!

Decided to book the trip leaving on 6th of July as it is a guaranteed departure!



I know this isn’t a guaranteed departure but myself and two friends have booked it anyway! We’re from Perth and we’re 20yrs old. I’m wondering if anyone else has booked this tour yet?


hey im also joining 6th of july discover europe