Discover Europe - 28th June 2011


Hi Alana,
I booked in to do this tour today :slight_smile:
Very excited and hope the next 6 months fly by!
You guys going to be staying on in Europe for long before or after the tour??



Aww that sounds awesome!
I am getting into London on the 24th June but doing another 5 weeks of travels after we finish the tour. So excited and really want it to be June already! Lol!
I am with you with hitting the shopping! I am really excited to hit the Portabello Rd Markets on the Satuday prior to the tour!!
So have you guys been to Europe before??


Awesome, and your both going to love it!
Only 142 days till I leave for London. Yes, a tad bit early for a count down but way too excited!


Hey guys,
Me and my girlfriend just booked on this tour a couple days go, first time going to europe for us, cant wait! We are planning to fly into london around the 24th June also.
Just need to count down the days now…

Can I ask who you have ended up flying with? We are about to book our flights soon.


hi all

my wife and i are joining this tour in rome (gondolas go north) can’t wait!!!

what are people most looking forward too?
what are peoples plans after the tour?

only 139 days till we fly into paris, most of you will be there before us

speek soon



Hi Guys,

Nice to meet you both!
Almost at the 5 month mark now! Very exciting :slight_smile:

Michael, I got return flights with Emirates.
There were some cheaper alternatives but I liked that you can have 30 kilo check in luggage, so that won me over! Lol!

Anyways, nice to meet you both and let the count down begin!


Just a quick shout out to Alana & your boyfriend, I hope you and your families are safe after the earthquakes!?!?


That’s great to hear Alana!!
I hope your first week back at work wasn’t too much of a struggle!

I think Autumn has officially hit here in Sydney too so I can’t wait to have summer again in 2 and a bit months! So excited!!


Yes, 87 days to be exact till the tour starts :slight_smile:
I am so pumped for it!!

My week has been ok thanks. So glad to see Friday here finally!
How about yourself??
Had a quiet one at work today so just been speanding my time trip researching which is driving me insane casue I just wanna be there sooo bad! I don’t know why I do it to myself! Haha!

Anyways, have a great weekend and speak soon…

P.S. Here is my Facebook link if you wanted to get in contact on there??


Hey guys,

sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the advice on airlines, we ended up flying with cathay pacific, who from what i have seen/heard are pretty much one of the best along with emirates. Alana good to hear you and your bf are safe!

Kristy you sound like my girlfriend she is definately counting down days! its now 71 days until the tour starts, we are egtting very excited!

where is everyone staying before and after the tours?


Hi Michael,

Wow 71 days, doesn’t sound long at all!! Very exciting :slight_smile:

I am just staying at Hotel Umi before (4 nights) and after (2 nights) the trip.
I did find it was cheaper to book the rooms through then through the travel agent so maybe give that a go?

Hope everyone has a great Easter break!


hi everyone
my sister and I also booked in this date, we are very excited because it’s our first tour.
we are from Mexico and we hope to have a great time and meet great people!!!
41 days more and the adventure starts!!!