Discover Europe 28 days 11 September 2012


Hi there, I just recently booked Discover Europe 28 day tour starting on the 11 September to 8 October 2012. I am going by myself and it would be cool to meet someone on that trip. I will be coming from Australia.
I also be going on a 3 day stopover in Dubai starting from 6 September 2012 to the 8 September, it would be nice to meet other people as well before I head off to London in the evening on the 8 September. Which gives me 2 full days to discover london before starting the tour.


Hi Justin,
My husband and myself will be joining you in the second part of that tour with Gondola’s Go North. Looking forward to it!!


Hi justin, My name is Vanessa & i will be joining you on this same tour. i am a solo traveller and looking forward to meeting you


Hi there, that’s great to hear! I will see you and your husband in the second half of the top deck tour.




Hey Vanessa,
That’s awesome!! I’m from Sydney and a solo traveller as well, it seems at the moment we have a couple of Aussies who will be joining us. Hopefully I will see you there in London before the tour. Have you got anything planned in London?
I will arrive in the evening on the 8th September from Dubai which gives me two whole days to explore London before we start the Discover Europe tour.




I will be arriving late on the 8th from my Britain & Ireland tour with topdeck and also have a few days in london before the tour. during this time i have booked two little sight seeing tours but i am deffently able to meet up before our tour. i have recently being in contact with another aussie couple.

r u just doing or travelling a but more?


Hi Vanessa,
I am doing a bit of travelling before the trip in Dubai from the 6 to 8 September, I still considering doing some sort of sight seeing tour in London. However I will need to check if its worthwhile and the time compared with someone going by ourselves.




Hi there!
I am booked in for the full 28 days! Very excited, the trip can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:



hey Justin
my cousin has been to london and a few things she has told me not to go and see as its either a waste of time or expensive. sounds awesome that you will be in dubai. hope u have a great time. will deff meet up before the tour.

Hi ashlee, looking forward to meeting u :slight_smile:



Hi Vanessa,
Really? got any tips on where to go to in London then? It seems from your reply we should get together for the two days before the tour considering none of us likes to waste time and money.
What do you think?




Hi Ashlee,
LOL Ha Ha I know we all are excited! Especially the long distance from Australia to Europe. It will be fun… be positive and I will see you there in the tour.




Hey fellow travellers!!!
My sister and I will be joining you all on the full 28 days in Europe! We are so excited to meet you all, make new mates and have the time of our lives!!
Both of us are from canberra in Australia.
Look forward to meeting u all when we join u on 11th in Paris :slight_smile: