Discover Europe 27th June


Hey, just wondering if anyone is doing the Discover Europe tour departing June 27??[br][br]Sarah


im doing that tour too! but you already knew that… hahaha. i dont think we will hear from anyone else on our tour until we get there. oh well, all the more exciting ;D[br][br]16 days and counting til we leave…


Hi Sarah & lozza,[br][br]I am on this tour aswell. Are you friends travelling together?. Have either of you done a topdeck tour before? i haven’t myself but i have been with contiki so it should be interesting to compare. [br]Anyways,[br]Dan.


hey daniel[br][br]lozza and i are actually sisters and our other sister kirstin will also be coming. loz is 22, kirstin 23 and i’m 19 all from brisbane. where are you from? this is all of our first trip to europe so we’re so excited! we fly out on the 23rd June. yay![br]


Hi Sarah,[br][br]I am 27 and from Sydney. I leave for London on the 19th and am staying at the globetrotter inn as it seems to be good value. This is my first time to Europe too.[br]Dan.


hi dan,[br][br]we’re staying at the generator before the tour so its going to be interesting to see if we can find our way to the globtrotter without getting too lost. do you have any plans for after the tour finishes? [br][br]loz


Hi Loz,[br][br]I’ve heard good reviews on other forums for The Generator and it seems to be really popular with the contiki crowd. After the tour i have 2 nights in London then fly to NY City. This site may be of help to you, it has a London tube map. [br] [br][br]Regards,[br]Dan.