Discover Europe 26 day Start 31st Aug 2010


Hi all,

Anyone doing the Discover Europe 26 day tour beginning 31st August 2010??

My husband and I are booked in. Would love to hear from you.



My husband and i will be doing this tour aswell :slight_smile:

Where are you from?


We are from Perth. We are flying to London before the tour for 3 nights.

Looking forward to the tour. Never been to Europe before, have no idea what to expect.

Where are you guys from?


We are from Caberra

Doing the same, 3 nights in London before and then 4 nights after the tour finishes.

We have never been before either, really looking foward to it.


Sounds good. Where are you guys staying before the tour? We are staying at the Umi.

Feels like ages away but I know it will creep up sooner than what we think.

Look forward to meeting you guys!! :slight_smile:

Do you know anyone else doing the tour?


We are staying at the Days Inn i dont think it’s far from the Umi.

No i haven’t come accross anyone doing the same tour, but i am sure there will be heaps more closer to the time.

It will be here before we know it…so exciting :slight_smile:


My husband and I are doing the same tour! :slight_smile: We are from Perth too! We haven’t booked any hotels yet…will be in london/scotland the week before the tour

Can’t wait to meet you all!


Can’t wait to meet you guys too!! It’s good knowing that there are husband and wives/partners going as well.

Will have to keep in touch before we leave so we can ask each other questions e.t.c.

I’m sure I’ll have heaps to ask anyway!!!


Not long to go now!!! Bring it on!!!


From Asia, I think eu will be very interesting tour, I bring my girlfriend this tour. Hopefully we will have a great time.


Me and my husband are doing it as well.

28 from Brissie!

We are seeing London first then heading to Oktoberfest after the tour!

Good to see there are a few couples as well as singles on the tour!