Discover Europe 23rd July


[br][br]Looking forward to going on this trip.[br]Anyone else signed up?[br][br]Concerned it’s not guarenteed departure, hopefully that will change, as it is the only date I can go.[br][br]Will we be the only British couple on tour?[br][br]Anyone done this tour before?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Chris


Hi Chris, don’t be concerned that it isn’t a guaranteed trip. I went last year and did this same tour (wasn’t guaranteed) but it left early July. Make sure you have full comprehensive insurance and do this asap so that you are covered from now if there are any changes.


Hi, I am going on this tour in June 2008…


Hello,[br][br]My cousin and I are coming on this tour, we are from Australia and we can’t wait!:sunglasses:


Hello,[br][br]Is there anybody else out there who is going on this trip?? :o)