Discover Europe - 22 May 2012 anyone?


Hi all

I just booked this tour, anyone else on the same one?

Tasha B-)


hey tasha!

sorry to get your hopes up - i’m on one departing just a bit before yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

but so exciting, eh?

wish it was easier to find other people on the same tour! :stuck_out_tongue:

XO carrie

p.s. have you figured out how to handle all the different currencies yet? i haven’t - oh dear! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just booked the European Emperor tour for 22nd May, so I will be traveling with you for the first 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Hi Tasha

I’m doing the same tour as you. I’m traveling solo on my first overseas trip. Should be fun!

Laura :slight_smile:


I am doing the European Emperor for the first 2 weeks of the trip also. Before that I am doing the 14 day tour of Britain and Ireland. I am pretty excited. I am traveling alone, which I have never done before, so I want to meet lots of people! Anyone else going solo on the tour??


I have booked to travel with my partner, but if he ends up not being able to come due to work, then I will be traveling solo too. Will be nice to meet you all on tour :slight_smile:



Hey hey, me and the mrs are booked on the paparazzi parade joining this tour in Barcelona. Will be good to meet you all.

We wanted to do a longer tour but I’m limited for time due to work.

Hanging out to get over there, catch you guys soon



I just booked the European Emperor tour for May 22nd and also traveling solo. It’ll be my first time overseas trip. I’m so excited! ;D

Looking forward to meeting you all!



Not doing this one, am escaping the worst of Australias winter. Travelling on the European Odyssey solo that departs the 23rdish of June. Ive already booked so you’d think I’d be more definate with the date eh? lol…Anyhow, travelling solo so would love to hear from you if anyone else is planning on doing this tour also. ;D Cheers


Hi All

My wife and I booked this tour today. This is our first trip to Europe and can’t wait to see all these countries!!!

I was told there’s only 10 spots left when we booked today.


Hey there!
I’m booked on this tour departing 22 May - and I can’t wait!! I’ll be in London for a week prior, and then heading to Ireland for a week afterwards. Travelling solo (first time), so it’ll be good to meet up with some people in a similar situation! See some of you soon!!

Paula B-)



Me and my girlfriend are booked on this trip too. Look forward to meeting you all!



Not long to go now!!! Is everyone joining to the tour from London or Paris?

I’m still unsure how many winter clothes I should bring for this time of the year. Any ideas?