Discover Europe 21 September - 21 October


Hi :smile:
Just wondering who else has booked into Discover Europe 21 September- 21 October 2016?
I’m a first time solo traveller, first time to Europe, and first time doing a Top Deck Tour aka complete newbie! :smile:
I’m from Victoria, Australia and super nervous/excited about pretty much everything!



I’m in the same boat, first time solo traveller, first time to Europe, and first time doing a Top Deck Tour.
Atleast there will be two newbie’s now :slight_smile:


Ohhh awesome @Bryce_Morgan :slight_smile: ) not long to go now!
Im 24 and a bit of a home body haha it’ll be a good experience for me :slight_smile: Where are you from?


Hi! I’m a solo traveller, first time Topdecker on this one too - just booked it 10 seconds ago haha.
I’m already in Europe, just hanging around the UK! I’m also 24, Australian (Sydney!) and a home body, so we should get along super well! :smiley:
~ Eliza


@Eharp92 nothing like a spontaneous tour haha yes we definitely will haha :slight_smile: I’ll be in london from the 18th and staying at the burns hotel the night before we leave… maybe we can hang out!


Oh! I should definitely book accommodation there the night before we leave! Otherwise I’d be hiking over from Putney at 5 in the morning haha! And we should most definitely hang out when you get here! You can add me on Facey, and we can coordinate better there haha


I’m from Newcastle.

I’m in Europe now for a Friends wedding, after leaving everyone here I’m going to head over to the UK and drive around up to Scotland for a bit before the trip, get some solo travelling practice in :slight_smile:


@Eharp92 yeah I’d read that many people stay there the night before for the convenience :slight_smile:
Sure, how do I find you on facebook haha?

@Bryce_Morgan Oh awesome! That’s what I’m doing after the trip haha, I think I’ve done things in the wrong order haha!


You never know. If I’m not there on Sep 21st then I guess I’ve done things in the wrong order, lol :slight_smile:


If you search for Eliza Catherine, I’m the one with the profile picture at the United Nations haha - add me! : )


Hey guys! I’m from the Gold Coast and am also travelling solo!

I arrive in London in the afternoon of Tuesday 20th of September and would love to catch up with you all.
A mate who did a similar trip, recommend we catch up for dinner the night before.
I am staying at The Burns Hotel and would like to do a quick tour around London as well when I arrive.

Looking forward meeting you all!


@Lyle_Hardvixen gosh you’ll be so tired getting in the afternoon before… i got here this morning and had to power nap lol. Add me on Facebook by searching Krystal anne maree and we can chat!


Haha first time travelling all this way so I didn’t really factor in the whole jet lag thing but I’m a firm believer in the magic of power naps!


Hi all,
Just made it to the area. Had to drive into the city and drop off a hire car, that was fun.

I’m staying a few buildings up the street at the presidential apartments since I booked late and missed the burns hotel, plus side is I have a fair bit of room if anyone wants to meet up for dinner or drinks in the apartment.


Hey! Oh gosh driving in the city would be a nightmare! !! Add me on Facebook on krystal anne maree… i have the other two people on this thread so we can group chat and organise something on there


I think I found you