Discover Europe 21 Apr - 23 May 2017


Hey is anyone doing this tour. I’m going by myself and can’t wait. It would be good to chat to a few people beforehand so shit aint awkward on the first day :slight_smile:


G’day mate, i just booked the same trip, i’m traveling alone too. mate i cant wait for this trip too. only 153 days left haha


Yay finally someone responded. Where are you flying from? I know not long to go now :blush:


flying from sydney, i’m gonna have a few days in london before he trip just to get the body clock set… and sight see. where you coming from?


I’m flying from Perth! I get into london the day before at about 10 in the morning! Have you seen anything else on here with people going on the same tour? I haven’t had anytime to look at anything with working so god damn much!


I’ve seen nothing about other people going on the trip, but i haven’t really been looking. i only decided to do this trip the other day and booked it then, there is a phone app that has a groip chat maybe there are people on there.


haha well at least I can say I’ve met one person before we meet up in London. Yeah I’ll download that app and check it out.


Hey Bobby_mel there is one other person on the group chat on the app but I haven’t gotten a reply from her. It’s worth downloading and going through :slight_smile:


thanks mate… i havnt even tried the app iv downloaded it just havnt used it… i think ill try log on there soon check it out… only 75 days left till our tour…


hey, I’ll be on the first week of this tour, leaving you guys when we get to Barcelona!


woo can’t wait to meet you guys!!! not long now :slight_smile: