Discover Europe 2012


Im new to the forum, wondering if anyone is doing Discover Europe tour this yr in June! My husband and I. Im stressing a bit on how this tour is…


I’m doing this tour but starting 22 May! I can’t seem to find much info on people who have done this tour, it seems like it’s not a popular tour. I’m so excited! B-)


Im doing the 2nd half of this tour in September. I havent read much information about this tour on the forum. But as long as your tour is a guaranteed departure, which mine is, Then there is no need to stress. Just enjoy it when it comes! Although I did find out the accomodation for rome is outside the city centre with not so good reviews. So I personally would rather not know where Im staying in the other cities.


I havent found any reviews on this either thats why i was bit worried esp cause my husband is not keen on europe!

mmarlee how did u find out about the accomodation in rome is outside the city centre with not so good reviews?


hey everyone! :slight_smile:

i’m carrie, doing the discover europe starting on the 8th of may. funny - can’t seem to find anyone else on the same tour here! :stuck_out_tongue:

monica: how can your husband not be keen about europe? :stuck_out_tongue:

XO carrie


Hi Monica :slight_smile:

I’m doing the tour in June, departing on the 26th. What date are you and your husband scheduled to leave?


Hi Monica, my partner and I are doing this tour departing on 5 June 2012. Neither of us have been to Europe so both really looking forward to it!!


Hey Monica,
I emailed the top deck admin regarding the rome accommodation, as I needed to know where to book for the start of my gondolas go north tour (2nd half of discover europe). They told me the rome accommodation is at Hotel Beethoven and i went to trip advisor for reviews, and it’s not a place I would have chosen to stay.

So hopefully the other accommodations are better.


My wife and I also doing it. Our first time on TopDeck Tour. Have you guys been on one before?

We on Paparazzi Parade, 16-27 June. We Join Discover Europe on their 5th day in barcelona.


Hi there

My wife and I will also be on this, joining your group 11 June in Barcalona.

Good to know we wont be the only ones from S hemisphere. Have you been on TopDeck tour before?

We have not.


My partner and I have just booked this tour, departing 28 August 2012. Can’t wait!


My Husband and i are also doing this tour departing on 26th June! Cant wait!! :stuck_out_tongue:


i just noticed all the replies! i been out of it for a while!

Not long left, cant wait now so excited…

Not sure how my husband cant be hehehe. :slight_smile: