Discover Europe 2011 October 4th


Hello Everyone,

Just wanting to chat to anyone that is going on the dicover europe tour leaving october 4th for 28days.

This is my first tour and first real holiday i guess. I cant wait so excited :slight_smile:

I live in Brisbane, Australia and am really excited to spread the wings and see some of the world…

Look forward to having a chat.



Hi Leah

My boyfriend and I are also on this tour! We are from Perth, I’m living in Barcelona at the moment but am so excited to see the rest of Europe!

Talk to you soon!




How exciting for you both. I am really looking forward to this tour just to see everything and meet new people. Wow barcelona how amazing. It sounds like you have been travelling alot? This one is my first but definatley not my last :slight_smile: Thanks for you reply.



Hi girls!

I will also be joining you on this tour.

I’m from Newcastle, Aus and this will be my first real trip overseas so I’m a little nervous but more excited than anything! It will be such a big adventure! :slight_smile:




How exciting look forwar to meeting you. What made you decide to go on the tour?

Leah :slight_smile:


hey Leah :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting you too, should be fun!

I’ve wanted to go to Europe FOREVER and i thought 2011 has to be the year to do it! And Top Deck seemed like a better option than some of the other tour companies.

What about you? What made you want to go on this tour?



Hi everyone.

I think I am on the same trip as you all but I am doing the Rome to Prague bit! Really looking forward to visiting Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic as I have never been before!

What countries are you most looking forward to visiting?


Hi Gem

It should be an awesome trip!

France, Spain, Italy and Germany mostly, but I’m sure every country will be fantastic! What about you, any particular places you’ve been wanting to visit?

Looking forward to meeting you from Rome onwards! :slight_smile:



Hi Emily,

Got my flights booked yesterday so now it all seems a bit more real!

Should be a great trip!

Really looking forward to visiting Croatia and a friend has told me that Budapest is a lovely city to visit also!

Are you travelling with friends or by yourself?


Hey :slight_smile:

Awesome, not long to go now!

Oh great choices, both of those are supposed to be beautiful. Is this your first time overseas?

I’m travelling solo… Slightly scared but i’ve heard plenty of people travel alone these days and I won’t be alone for much of it. You?


Hello all,

Just thought I would say Hi and let you know a kiwi girl will be coming on the trip as well. I’ve been living in London for the past 6mnths and can’t wait to see the rest of Europe.

Counting down the days…




Hi, I am planning on going on the 2nd half of the discover europe in 2012, I would appreciate your tips or experience from your tour. Ie. hotel location, bus rides, what did you do on your free time etc?