Discover Europe 2011 (HTDE) sept 13th 2011


How you going ,

We are booked and cant wait to do the Discover Europe tour departing on September 13th . 28 days 15 exciting countries .
Just wondering who else will be doing this tour then ?

We are a New Zealand couple in our late 20’s

This sort of traveling is all new to us but we are counting down the days till we fly out .

It Would be great to hear from others that will be joining us .




Hi Simon!

My bf and I will be on the Gondola’s Go North tour which meets up with your tour in Rome on 25th Sept. Very excited! We’re in our mid 20’s from Aus :slight_smile:

Where are you most excited about going? Both Italy and Prague have been on my wishlist for a long time!



My boyfriend and I are doing this tour departing London 13th Sept. We are from Sydney and are both in our 30s. Cant wait for this holiday to begin!! We are doing Topdeck Britain and Ireland 14 day tour before this trip so we’ll have to conserve some energy!


Hey guys ,

Its so cool to get some replies for the Discover Europe Sept 13th .

My wife and I are just going over the final stuff so we dont forget anything important . Reality is setting in now and as this is our first big overseas adventure we are hanging out for it to come - and it cant come soon enough . Work seems to be less important than normal because we are so excited to see these amazing countries and get among the cultures .

You guys will probably know that the same time we are all away is the time that NZ is hosting the Rugby World Cup .

Are any of you Rugby fans ?

Talk soon



Rugby? Pfft! Its all about league here in Australia!!


Rugby is pretty much unheard of in Perth… we just live and breathe AFL! We’ve already figured out that the AFL grand final will be on while we’re in Budapest so if anyone’s keen to scope out an Aussie bar for an all nighter to watch it…? Hehe


Only if the swans are in the Grand Final! ;D
In Sydney, its pretty much all about league. But seeing as my team (Newcastle Knights) prob wont make the finals, I dont really care to watch the NRL Grand Final!!


Hi All,

I did this trip back in Sept 09,so if you have any questions feel free to ask away.

You will have a fantastic time.