Discover Europe 2011 - 2012 (HTDE)


Just booked a trip for me and my gf, cant wait till august 2012 comes around ;D


Hi Brent,

Me and my boyfriend are also booked on this tour but we are going on the 2 Oct 2012 one!! You must tell us what it’s like when you return :slight_smile:


Just got back from doing this trip. Be prepared for very long days spent on the bus and having lunch at service stations every second day. That was the only real disapointing thing about this trip :frowning:


Hi Kate, was the trip worth the long bus rides ??? ??? ???


As long as you are prepared for it, then its ok. I think Topdeck need to give a bit more information about travelling times in the itinerary as it is a little misleading. You usually get to the city late in the day/evening and check in just before dinner. Make sure you dont sleep in on your free day to try and make the most of the one full day in each of the cities (with the 2night stay). There are strict driving laws in Europe and sometimes you may be a little rushed at some locations by the driver and tour leader to help fit in with these rules.

Dont get me wrong, it was an awesome trip and a good way to see alot in a small period of time. But if you want your own schedule, no rules and to visit more then just a major city (rural areas, small townships etc), then this may not be the trip for you. Its a good way to get an idea of the different countries and you can always go back someday and explore more on your own time :slight_smile: