Discover Europe 17th July 2012


Hello, Just wanted to introduce ourselves. My husband Kevin & I are heading off 17th July 2012 Discover Europe Tour. Thought we would send a shout out to see if any one else is on the same tour…
Cheers Belinda.


Hi! My partner Simon and I are also on the 17th July tour. Can’t wait! Looking forward to escaping the Canberra winter for the European Summer! Jess.


Hi there!! My husband Larry and I are also on this tour. We are travelling for 3 months, can’t wait to go… counting down the days!!! Cheers Amanda


Hi Jess & Amanda, so excited to read your posts. Was staring to think maybe we had the wrong dates, when we didn’t have any reply’s!!
Can’t believe how quickly the time is passing, not long now until our big adventure. Kev and I purchased out travel packs yesterday. Now, the only thing I need to work out, is how i can squeeze 20kg in there!..

Quick question to the both of you, did you have to request a double bed for each night stay. We read that sometimes you may get 2 singles and must request this option?

Jess, your not that far from us. Our home is at Sussex Inlet. We too are happy to escape the winter.

Amanda, do you live on the North or South Island?

Enjoy your week, chat soon.


Hi guys!

We booked through an agent and she has us booked in a double room - I’m fairly sure it had to be requested. We live in Invercargill, which is at the bottom of the South Island, only a couple of hours drive from Queenstown etc and home of the World’s fastest Indian haha

We got most of our travel bits and pieces over Xmas so we are just waiting for the days to tick by!

Hope you guys have a good easter!!



Hi all,

Belinda, we booked this ourselves (not through an agent), but sent topdeck an email requesting double beds where available and they got back to us saying that that was fine.

I am beginning to do the whole checking passport/visa/currency thing etc. It’s coming up quickly!