Discover Europe 16 May 2016


Hi :slight_smile: just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour? I just booked the other week and am very excited. I will be traveling solo so would be great to know some other people that will be on the same tour. It is my first time to Europe I am from the Gold Coast, Australia :slight_smile:


Hi Linda, I’m contemplating doing this trip but haven’t booked anything yet. I’m thinking around may as its the only time I can get off work. I’m traveling solo too so still thinking about what I want to do and for how long… how old are you?


I’m 29. I have contemplated all the different trips for all most 2 years now! I decided on this particular one as it is a guaranteed tour date, it will be good weather throughout all of Europe, not too cold nor too hot. It is the only tour that goes down to Spain & across to Italy and Greece. Also it is motel/hotel so the comfort level is what made me choose this over the club tours. I will be going to Paris a few days before & joining the tour in Paris and staying in London for a few days after the tour ends. If your going to fly all the way over there it’s best to make the absolute most of it :smiley:


Hi Linda,

We (my husband and I) have booked the Discover Europe trip departing 18th May 2016. Is this the same trip as yourself? We are so excited!


Hi Rebecca,
Yes this is the same trip :slight_smile: I booked my flights today, I will be arriving in Paris on the 16th May and joining the tour when it gets to Paris. I know its exciting isn’t it only 7 mths to go but it will go soo fast! Where are you and your husband from? Thanks.


Hi Linda,
We have booked our flights also - we are flying to London and departing with the group from there. Josh and I are from Newcastle NSW. Great to hear another aussie will be on the trip with us!! Josh is 34 and I am 33 - I have been to Italy before but it is Josh’s first overseas trip and our first big overseas trip together since we were married last year. We are also staying some extra time in London at the end of our tour to make the most of it. Are you on Facebook? We might be able to find each other on there? Just a thought. :smile:


Hi Rebecca,
Wonderful!!! I am staying in London for just under a week after then heading to Dublin for a few days before I join a tour around Ireland. I haven’t really planned anything yet for London or Dublin, I will probably look at day tours soonish or towards the start of next year. Please email me at and we can go from there :slight_smile:


67 days to go. Getting excited for our trip



My partner Stacey and I will doing this tour and we are so excited… Our first time in Europe, not long to go now… We are both from Melbourne

Look forward to meeting you all


Hi Jimbo,
great to hear you guys are doing this tour also! Have you downloaded the Topdeck App? There are a few of us that have joined the trip group chat on there if you are interested. I am doing this trip with my husband (Josh). We are from Newcastle NSW.


Hey guys im sandie. Im 29 from port macquarie travelling solo. Will be in london16th may.c as nt wait to meet you all


Hi Everyone!!!

Super excited for the adventure :smiley:


3 weeks till we fly out. Can’t wait to meet you all. :airplane:️:grinning:


Arrggggg 18 days until i fly and 23 days til we all get to meet!! Be here already!!!


2 weeks to go, bring it on :grinning::airplane:


6 days to go. This awesome adventure begins next week. Can’t wait to meet you all.