Discover Europe - 15th May 2012


I’m booked to go on this tour, so keen! Anyone else?


Hi Lulu

Myself and my partner are going on this trip too! We just had our tour cancelled so they have put us on this one instead (still waiting for it to be confirmed but should be all good). :slight_smile:

Super excited! It looks like such an amazing trip.



Hi Lulu and Lisa,

I’m on this tour too, but only for the 1st 2 weeks… I’m doing the Europe Emperor Tour.

Can’t wait!!!

See you then.

Cheers, Ron.


Hi Ron

That sounds awesome, great to hear from some people going on the trip too :slight_smile:

See you then, not too long to go now :slight_smile:



Hi Guys,

I’ll be on this tour as well as my mate Michael. I’m excited to meet you all and go touring :slight_smile:


Awesome, more people going on the trip!

Can’t wait to meet you guys, we are starting the trip in Paris- have a day there before the trip leaves

Absolutely, it sounds like its going to be an amazing trip :slight_smile:


BUMP :stuck_out_tongue: only just over a month to go :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My name is Mark and (assuming there are no changes, which do occasionally happen) I am scheduled to be the driver on your trip. I hope you are all excited to go on an awesome adventure and see the best that Europe has to offer! Rest assured that we will be doing our utmost to give you the holiday of a lifetime.

It’s great to see you getting in touch with eachother already. I’m probably not going to have internet access for most of the time leading up to the trip, but if you do have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.

Take care and I look forward to meeting you soon!



ps. Who’s excited that we’ll be going to Paris one month from today!?


Hey Mark

Awesome! Sounds great. Really looking forward to the trip, less than a month to go now! ;D
Look forward to meeting you and everyone else on the 15th!

Lisa (and Jared) :slight_smile:


Hey guys, it is less than a month to go now!

I am going for the full 28 days, Travelling alone for the first time overseas. I am excited to meet all of you and see what the rest of this wonderful world has to offer!

See you all very soon!

Aleicia :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

me and my boyfriend chris will be on this tour, were doing the full 28 days…looking forward to meeting everyone. Have never been to europe before, its gonna be awesome… ;D



Hi Guys,

I’m also heading over for the full 28 days! Getting bulk keen :smiley:

Is anyone staying in London before the trip starts?


Hey everyone, I’m pretty sure me and my wife will be joining you all for the first few days of this trip. We are flying in from Canada…looking forward to an awesome trip. We wiLl be goin as far as Rome.

Nick & mich


Hey Jade, yes I will be in London the day before. :slight_smile:
Are you flying out from Brisbane?
Everyone excited?! 14 days to go! :smiley:


Hi Aleicia,
Yes I am flying out from Brissy :slight_smile: I leave on the 11th. Where bouts in London are you staying? It’s the first time I’ve travelled on my own too so would love to catch up before hand. If your keen, shoot me an email -


Hi we would be keen to meet up for a drink the night before the tour if any of you guys are interested… Is anyone staying at the Umi hotel? we could meet in the bar there?


Hey Jade, I am staying at the Umi Hotel and arrive on the 14th in England at 6am, so I am not expecting to get to Umi until a bit later that day. You won’t be the only one travelling alone, I am too! It’s a wee bit exciting. :slight_smile:

Jo, I would love to have a pre tour drink with you on the night before.

Add me on Facebook if you like; Might be a little easier to contact me!



Hey Aleicia,

i tried to add you but it wont seem to let me…do you have some sort of privacy setting on facebook that wont let ppl you dont know add you???

what about meeting up in the bar at the umi hotel at 730pm on the night before the tour???


Hey everyone,

Glad to see everyone is excited as me!! I’m flying out of Brisbane on the 11th of May as well Jade. Who are you flying with? I’m going QANTAS at 1:40pm … I also grew up in Mackay. Small world.

I’m staying at the Umi hotel too and have been to London/UK before so it would be good to catch up/facebook beforehand -


We are staying at the Umi Hotel and are arriving in the UK a few days prior to attend a friends wedding. It would be good to get to know some people who are going and maybe see what all optional excursions people will be taking etc.

If anyone is wants to get in touch beforehand check out

Anyone know if there is easy access to wi-fi throughout the areas we are travelling?

Any other Canadians on this tour?