Discover Europe- 15 September 2017


Hey all!
I know it’s a long way away, but I’d love to know whether there’s anyone looking at the Discover Europe trip for 15th September - 17th October 2017. I’ll be 24 from Queensland, Australia and travelling solo. I haven’t booked anything yet, but I’m 99% sure this is the one I want to do!
I’m freaking out cos it’ll be my first solo overseas trip! I’ve been to New Zealand and Hawaii, but that was with my partner who, sadly, I’m no longer with.
I’d love to meet some like minded people on this trip before hand to ease my nerves a little bit! :slight_smile:


hey there,
Im Luke, im 23 from nz , im looking to do the Discover Europe trip,in October 2017
this like you will be my first major overseas trip on my own, so if you still doing this trip,
message back and ease both our nerves …


I’m Nicolle, 24, from south Australia and I’m doing the Discover Europe Sept 1st - Oct 3rd.
First time travelling by myself too, eek!
Not sure what trip you guys ended up on but we could commiserate about planning/nerves anyway haha


hi i fr armenia iplanning tour at this year armenia georgia a so if ulike travel whit mi written m


email roberdo599 gmail com