Discover Europe, 14 September


Hi everyone,
Wondering who else is doing this tour, I am travelling with my fiance and two friends but would love to meet others too.


Hey there, @Steph.priest3105

I have just joined this tour today and I am very excited!

I’m just travelling alone as all my friends work now. I’m just about to finish my masters at the start of September. I’m really glad I was able to get something sorted!

I’ve never done one of these group trips before but a couple of my friends have told me they enjoyed their time on it. Have you done one of these trips before?



Hi Steph,
Myself & my partner have booked this trip for that date. We are very excited about it. We have never been on a trip like this before. We are from Australia.



Hi all,
My partner and myself have had this trip booked for a long time and have been counting down forever! We’re from Sydney and this is the first major overseas holiday for both of us, too. Am super excited to meet you guys! Where are you two staying in London?


Hi Steph,

The night before & after the tour, we are booked into Best Western Burns Kensington. I think that’s where the tour departs from (well I hope so :slight_smile: ). We work in Arnhem Land, so we really look forward to our holidays. I think this one is going to blow our minds. :slight_smile:
We are looking forward to meeting new people & making some new friends.




Hi Craig,
We are staying there too, bit only the night before(we’re flying out of Paris to come back home). We can’t wait!
Wow, Arnhem land must be an exciting place to work, what do you do there?


Hi Steph,

We manage a supermarket in an indigenous community. We absolutely love it out here. We have been out here for 2.5 years.