Discover Europe 12th June 2012


Looking forward to this tour!! It will be our first time travelling to Europe. Just wondering who else is going on this tour.


Yay… I found someone who is on my tour… At last. Cant wait for the Adeventure… What are your travel plans? Just over two months to go!! :slight_smile:


We are having a stopover in Dubai for a couple of days on the way & then spending some time with family in Salisbury before the tour. I know not long now getting excited! Are you going with anyone else?


That sounds great. Be prepared for hot weather in Dubai. Im travelling alone. 1st time. Heading to Malta for a week and a half 1st then flying into London. Bit nervous about travelling on my own but excited. Hoping to travel abit more around uk and italy once my trip is over. Are you travelling alone?