Discover Europe 12th July 2011


Hey Guys,

Anyone going on the Discover Europe 12th July 2011?

I’m travelling on my own and im a bit nervous…but so so excited.

Hannah :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah

I’m doing this tour as well, also going solo. I’m heading over to the UK on monday, so starting to get a bit excited now. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing Europe.



Hey Guys,

You can add me to the list. I’m also going solo. I’m in the US at the moment but really looking forward to this tour. Starting to get close!



Hey Steve,

I fly out tue 5th and will be staying in london for 6 days before the tour. If you’re around we should catch up for a drink if not see ya at the UMI hotel on the 12th.




Hey Chic,

When do you get to london? I arrive on the 5th (6 days before the tour) and would be keen to catch up for drinks. Have fun in the US




Hey Hannah and Lisa

I’m going to be doing a bit of traveling around the UK but thinking of making my back to London around the 9th or 10th, I’m keen to catch up for a drink whenever I do. My email is, shoot me an email with your contact details or search it on facebook, and I’ll let you know when I’m in London.