Discover Europe 11 August - 12 Sep 2017


Hi Everybody,

Claire’s the name, traveling is the game! Sorry lame I know.
Looking to see whom else is traveling on 11 August 2017 discover europe 33 day hotel trip?

Would love to find out more about the other people on this trip! Me and my bf Gary will be joining from London. Honestly can’t wait.

Hit us up!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Claire,
I’ll be doing this tour, I’m travelling solo from Sydney. I’ll be in London for a few days beforehand but not sure what I’ll be doing for those days yet but would love to catch up with people from the tour the night before for some chills. Have you guys been to Europe before?



Hi Caitlin,

That is exciting! No I have never been to Europe before or overseas for that matter so as you can probably tell I am very keen to see some of the world and get some stamps in my sad passport. Haha

We are actually going to be in London a week before as well, however tossing up whether or not to meet the tour in London or Paris now. But there should definitely be some room for a night out! You should jump on the topdeck app (will need booking ref number), there are some other ladies already on it who will be on our trip.

We are travelling from Wollongong, can’t wait to meet you, will it be your first time overseas or are you a seasoned traveler?

Claire :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Claire,
I went to Europe last year so I’ve travelled a little bit, I’ll be getting a new passport for this trip so I’ll be having a sad passport like yours, haha. From my experience joining the tour in London meant you had the whole first day on the bus to meet everyone as on my trip last time we all ended up on the ferry across the Channel together just having a massive chat, although out group was kinda small. It was the 2nd smallest group our trip leader had had, so we all became quite close. But really its up to you, the people who joined in Paris still became close with the group as we were all wanting the group to be close together and we were such a weird bunch, even the people who joined in Rome were close with us after the next stop, but I suppose it depends on the group.
I don’t have my booking reference yet as I’m still paying the tour off so far, so when I do, I’ll be on the app. Noone from my group used it last time until a couple of days before the tour so I’m surprised there are people on it already.


Also you can either call me Caitlin or Caity, I don’t mind :slight_smile:


Heya Caity, thanks for the personal take on the meeting point. Definitely something to think about. I didn’t think you needed to pay in full for the reference number when my girlfriend did her topdeck, preety surprising how many people are getting onboard. Well when you get on the app I’m sure I’ll maybe have possibly decided on where we will meet everyone haha. :slight_smile: