Discover Europe - 10th July 2012


Hi - I’m booked on this tour departing London 10th July-6th August … who else is joining me ? :slight_smile:

Note: This trip may also include the following departures …

Democracy Road - 21st July
European Emperor - 10th July
Gondolas Go North - 22nd July
Paparazzi Parade - 14th July
Road to Prague - 22nd July
Tapas Trail - 10th July


Hi Donna,
I am on the European Emperor tour leaving London on the 10th of July. I’ll see you there! :slight_smile:



I’m on the Democracy Road tour starting in Budapest on the 28th July. If your Discover Europe tour finishes on 6th August, then my Democracy Road tour should be the one that coincides with yours, because that’s when mine finishes too :slight_smile:


Hey Caris/Kayti - good to “meet” you - looking forward to our trip together … PS - have sent you a private message !!