Discover Europe 04/09/12 28days


Hey Everyone,
My name is Mel, I’ve recently booked the ‘Discover Europe’’ trip, I’m a solo traveller and wondering who else will I be joining on this amazing adventure? ;D

Not long now get excited!


Hi Mel,

My husband Gav & I will be on this tour. I can’t wait!! My first time overseas so why not make it a good one. What do u think the chances are of us skipping Berlin when we get 2 Germany & going 2 Munich for Oktoberfest instead?? Lol

Jess :o)


Hey Jess and Gav,
Yea I can’t wait, not far away now, are you guys starting the tour in London or meeting up in Paris? I’m flying into Paris a few days before the tour starts. That’s def a possibility going to Munich; wonder what our chances are…

mel ;D


Hi Mel,

We are starting the tour in London and getting there a couple of days before so we can settle in a bit before the tour starts. Two days in London prob wont be enough for us but we’re trying to squeeze as much as we can in 5 weeks of Europe. Are you travelling anywhere after the tour finishes? Gav and I are going over to Ireland for 3 days after the tour and then off to USA.



That sounds amazing I would love to go to Ireland def in my top 5 places to explore, how long are you spending in USA?
Yea I’m spending 5 days in London post the tour then flying into Athens and doing the 10day Island hopper through the Greek Islands, cannot wait :slight_smile: bit unsure about the ferry to the Islands as I’m a serious sufferer of motion sickness all part of the adventure I guess lol
I’m trying to plan today what I want to see and do in London, have no Idea where to start.