Discover euro


discover euro hotels 5th july only 4 weeks away, anyone else on this trip.


Hi Salv

I think I’m on the same tour as you but don’t join until Budapest on 23 July - as I’ll travelling in Italy first.

Not long to go you must be excited?

Cheers Annie


hi salv,

i think im on this tour too. we’re staying at umi hotel and heading to london a couple of days early. when do you get to london?


hey Annie

yeah not long so excited, so you will be joining in Budapest sounds great look forward to it.

hey Freya

we will be in London 6 days before tour staying 5 days at the strand then the day before staying at umi hotel. getting close


getting close now


Hi Salv & Freya

You guys must be out of you skin excited and counting down! ;D I know I am and I’ve still got another 3 weeks before I even get on the plane!

Enjoy the first part of the tour and see you guys in Budapest :slight_smile:

Cheers Annie


we fly out on wednesday so excited, not many others on here going on our trip


doesn’t seem to be hey, but I suppose we’ll meet them all soon enough…

2 more sleeps for you guys!!! Have a safe flight and a great first half of the tour

see you guys in a couple of weeks