Detachable day pack or shoulder bag?


I am about to go shopping for my pack for my Timeless trail trip in May. Im not sure which would be best, a detachable day pack or a shoulder bag. I have heard that a shoulder bag is good for security, but i like the extra storage that the detachable bag would give me, if i wanted to buy some things along the way. I would love some feedback of what is best.


Hi Cathy,

My hubby and I have bought packs that have the detachable day packs - way better for when you are on the bus. I am also taking a small shoulder bag, im just going to pack it in my luggage to take out at night time so its a bit more dressy :slight_smile:


I recently purchased one of these…

Haven’t been on my trip yet but i think it will be great. Personally I don’t like the idea of having to take a backpack off when ever i need to take something out of my bag. Also, less chance of being pick pocketed with a shoulder bag.


I have been debating the same thing - whether to get a pack with detachable day pack or just a shoulder bag type thing. I will definitely have a small shoulder bag for going out at night, just not sure about during the day.

While I naturally much prefer backpacks, I just realised that I’ll be away right in the middle of summer, and wandering around with a bag on my back might get pretty warm!


Ive decided on getting a shoulder bag that u can swing in front of u! enough room just for money, passport and a camera. dont want to be lugging around too much if your exploring cities all day!