Destinations I can and must go in Canada in 8 days


Hi friends! I came to Toronto 2 days back for a 10 day Canadian vacation. I was too tired on the day of arrival so went no place and rested in the short term apartment rental I reserved from home. Next day was used to see as much places as possible in and near Toronto city. But I am more of a nature loving traveler. So I would like to have some suggestions about places that I can visit and enjoy in next 8 days, before I return home. I prefer to stay closer to nature than in an apartment. So if you guys can recommend places where accommodation in tent is possible, it will be great. I have heard there are many beautiful places like Niagara falls, and many national parks in this country. Are they all close enough so that I can visit in next 8 days? I prefer public transit, if that is possible. So it would be great if you have any advise about it as well.


Can you drive at all? If you can, highly recommend going north of Toronto and going to Algonquin Park! Beautiful provincial park. It’s a three hour drive, but so worth it!

Niagara Falls is very much worth the visit as well! Canada’s Wonderland is a pretty awesome theme park.

Um. Where I live is an only an hour and can use public transit to get here. There is a provincial park east of Toronto called Darlington. I’m not sure if you can access it by public transit or not.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I’m an only an hour from Toronto! :smile:


Thanks for the reply Kelly, you were really helpful. I just looked for Algonquin park in Google and found some awesome pics.:kissing_heart: It is definitely a place I should visit and stay for a couple of days at least. I have visited Niagara falls on Saturday and it was awesome. I am not very interested in theme parks, but may have a visit if I have time to spend before the vacation ends. I looked up Darlington park as well. It looked good, but felt Algonquin park is more beautiful from the photos I saw. And hey, I got my vacation extended to 20 days. So I have a more time to spend in Canada. :smiley: Are there any others awesome places a little more away from Toronto, I can visit within next 5-7 days? I read about Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. Is it possible to visit there during this time? If not, are there any other similar places I can go? About transit, I will try to find public transit, but even if it is not available I will go by hiring cab or something. :slight_smile:


If you have the money, definitely fly out to see the Rockies! I haven’t been out there yet (will be there at the end of August), but definitely go see them if you can!
Flights out of Toronto range, but you could score a last minute flight for a decent price if you looked around at Expedia or something like that.

Another really cool place is Point Pelee or Pelee Island. It’s kind of far from Toronto, but so worth it! It’s down by Windsor Ontario.

Glad you were able to extend your stay!! :slight_smile: