Derby to Paris - best way to get there


Hi everyone,

I will be going to Download Festival from 13th - 17th June and will be staying in Derby. I found accommodation opposite the train station and i am wanting to see if someone can help me with the following:

I plan to leave Derby on the 17th in the morning and want to go to Paris (i plan on going to Disneyland for a day) - so is there any buses/trains that goes from Derby to Paris?

I then plan on leaving Paris and getting either a bus/train/plane to Brugge for 3 nights.

Can anyone advise what is the cheapest and best way to get to both - i was looking at the Eurostar but is is around 120 euros just from London to Paris (bit pricey). I am hoping a bus or train can take me from Derby to Paris but i have been told i will need to get a train back to London then another out to Paris.

I’m hoping someone can give me some help regarding this as i will be on my own and a lil nervous!!!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Aussie traveller,

I think with the eurostar it depends on if you are flexible with what time of day you or day of the week you can travel, I am traveling on it on th 19th June for £38 from London to paris at 2:30pm, which sounds cheaper than €120 which you noted. I wonder if going at a different time or changing the curreny might be beneficial for you?

Good luck with all you’re researching and travel!!



Hi Merran,
thanks for getting back to me, greatly appreciated! Well the day i can’t be flexible with but the time of day i can be, i was aiming for around 10am to leave but was ideally hoping i would somehow be able to get from Derby to Paris instead of having to go back to London and out to Paris. There is a train station at Derby and i thought for sure something would go to Paris but from what i have been told, it’s not possible. That’s pretty cheap to get to Paris from London! is that return also or just one way?
Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: hope you have a great trip!



That does make sense then to try to go straight through from Derby, rather than back to London :slight_smile:

My eurostar booking is just for one way.



Hi again :slight_smile: I went to the travel agent and they said I have to get a Eurostar from London to Paris then paris to Brugge, it won’t be cheap :frowning:


I’m doing Download on my own too!!
If you want an aussie travel buddy for DL, let me know!!

Ive been reseraching this too, I am going to Hellfest FR (Clisson) from Derby and I was looking at different ways to travel to and from, its not cheap :frowning:


Hi that’s awesome to hear! i have a mate going with me to Download but if you wanna catch up with us you’re more than welcome to!

After Download is when i will be on my lonesome, so depending what your plans are, i was gonna try and do a tiny bit of sight seeing if i can in London seeing as my tours aren’t really taking me to any touristy spots :frowning: then i will aim to get a train to Paris in the arvo/evening, stay the night then go to Disneyland in Paris the next day and stay another night in Paris (seeing as my tour only spends 2 nights there) then i want to get a train to Brugge and stay there for a couple of nights before heading back to London for my next tour around Ireland! :smiley:

How long are you in the UK for? are you going over just for Download or do you have other tours booked?

What is Hellfest FR? I’ve never heard of it - if it’s a metal fest i will cry haha! Where are you staying during Download? my mate and i are staying in Derby opposite the train station (which is why i was hoping a train could take me from Derby - Paris but no such luck!) heh yeh tell me about it! the Eurostar is MEGA expensive!!! i was considering a bus but it will take 8 hrs to get from london - paris :frowning:


Sounds wicked, would be sweet to meet some aussies there!

yeah I am oging from download to Hellfest (google it, the line up is massive) from Derby on a package deal.

My total trip is 3 months including Download,Hellfest,Creamfields,Global Gathering and maybe V fest & the topdeck tour. I wanted to see Ireland & Scotland through August but I dont have any solid plans yet.

Im going to spend the week prior to Download & after Hellfest exploring London & surrounding, then my topdeck starts on the 6th of July where I see all the major European towns.

Havent booked accom yet, but was going to look into it today.


There’s another couple doing the same tour as my mate and i who are from Adelaide also going to Download! It’s crazy how many bloody Aussies there are doing these tours ahahaha! HOOOOLLLLYYY SHIT!!! that lineup is epic!!! gahhh i’ve never heard of it until now, dammit! jeez ur going on a mega festival tour, good on ya! have u gone overseas before? it’s my first time this far overseas so i think i have made enough of a challenge for all the shit i’m going to be donig hahaha!
oh wow it sounds like u are all sorted then! have u booked your topdeck tour? i would ASAP if i were you. i still have to sort out 1 week of accom in paris and brugge and then i’m done! yeewww! i’m doing that on thurs. i can’t believe i have 24 days to go! fark!


I know! So many aussies!

I booked my topdeck months ago, my tour is actually sold out completely so lucky I booked it when I did.
Yeah, Im going to send myself broke hitting so many festivals but it will be worth it.

I need to book my accom in Derby, do you know any cheap budget places to stay?



hahaha ah well it’ll still be nice to meet all the aussies hee hee. yeh same here i went with a guaranteed tour as our first tour we picked got cancelled due to not enough numbers :frowning: this one sold out pretty quick so should be a great trip! haha those festivals will definitely be worth it sooo many great memories!!!
well my mate and i stayed in the hallmark hotel which is opposite the train station which we thought would be handy. think we paid around $130 a night for it - no brekki included tho which sucks but we were in a hurry as lots of places were booking up quick there due to download! what i was doing was checking out, finding a place i liked then double checking reviews of it on trip advisor and found that to be really helpful. if not give escape travel a call - i was going through flight centre for a majority of my trip and i got a quote for 3 nights in paris with transfers and a day at disney for $785 which i thought was mega expensive…i called escape travel and they quoted the same stuff but at a more affordable place for me for $470! heaps cheaper!!! so yeh check em out as they actually listen when you say you’re on a budget and need to save money, unlike flight centre.


Yeah mine sold out almost instantly which is awesome that I put my name in just before.
I just went over my budget to see how much Ive spend and its a lot :-x so lets see how far this huge festival mission goes with my budget.

I just found a place on the site you recommended (thanks for that, everywhere else is so expensive with so many hidden fees!!) staying a 10 minute walk from the station, just paid $40 p.night and its a single room which is pretty good :slight_smile: and a ‘small’ brekkie is included which is nice!

Flight center and I bumped heads while booking this trip, “we can beat your price” err no you cant… same with student flights, id rather book it myself!

Are you doing a topdeck at all then? You have to do one! If youre on the other side of the world and you have a budget to do so I say DO IT!

I am pretty pumped about it now :)… confession: Ive never done a multi-day camping festival, and Ive just booked a trip including 5 maybe 6 ;D


Oh wow that’s crazy!!! Ours didn’t sell out straight away but it’s completely sold out now so I’m interested to see how many ppl go on the trip. Haha I’m waaaay too scared to know how much my holiday is costing me…I’m guessing so far I’ll be up near $7k and that’s not including my spending money which is a loooooot of money :frowning:
Oh nice one great bargain!! That’s great it’s so close to the station too! Heh yeh they aren’t always the cheapest especially after going thru escape travel they’re heaps cheaper!!
Yeh I’m doing 2 topdeck trips - the 24 day spirit of Europe and a 14 day Britain and Ireland tour plus going to a lot of places in between!
The only multi day festivals iv done is falls festival and womadelaide both a few yrs ago. Just make sure u buy gumboots over there cus it’s meant to be mega muddy over there! Also if ur a regular festival goer you’ll know to pack extra toilet paper and wet wipes :wink: that’s insane you’ll have the most amazing time!!! As will I hee hee! 15 days to go!!!