Departing for Summer fun and sailing 30th May


Hi All,[br][br]I will departing for the Summer Fun and Sailing Tour on the 30th May.[br][br]Just thought I would try and get in contact with a few people before I depart Australia on 30th April.[br][br];D[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you all.[br][br]Cheers [br]Sharee[br][br]


Hi there,[br][br]My boyfriend and I will be on this tour too. Can’t wait![br][br]We’re from Sydney - you?[br][br]Gemene


Hi Gemene,[br][br]From Tamworth, approximately 5 hours North of Sydney.[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you both![br][br][br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Sharee


Likewise![br][br]Wow - not long to you leave now! [br][br]What are your plans before the tour starts? [br][br]We’re staying in the Holiday Inn the night before, so hopefuly we can meet then.[br][br]


Hi to those also doing this tour. [br][br]I’m obviously starting it on the 30th as well, however as i live in London i will just be meeting up the morning the tour starts. If however, anyone is wanting to organise to meet up for a drink or something the night before hand, for a get-to-know you session etc let me know… looking foward to meeting you all next week! only a week away now![br][br]Cheers, Deb :)[br][br]DEBS :slight_smile: