Democracy Tour 2010 Hotels


Hi All,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone has booked onto this tour or done it previously and has any personally feelings towards any of the hotels being used? I’ve been on Trip advisor and so far not so good. I’m a bit freaked out by some of the things that i’ve read and hoping someone might know if its not as bad as it sounds. [br][br]Thansk everyone.


I’ve been on the European Odyssey, and it was pretty good. The hotel in Paris was right on the Metro line, so we could zip around (although the bus dropped us in town and picked us at at various times). Florence was right in town, Rome was a bus ride from the Vatican, Prague was pretty cool, and Amsterdam was just a ferry ride from the centre of town![br][br]Keep in mind Trip Advisor isn’t the most reliable site - the only people who really post are people who have had bad experiences. I stayed in a hotel in Spain which was absolutely slated on Trip Advisor, but it was actually really nice! [br][br]Plus the Topdeck tours are about so much more than just the hotels, you get to meet awesome people as well and have the greatest time ever! You’ll probably barely even notice where you’re sleeping!


Thanks Elle… your right… most people who would leave reviews on trip advisor would be people with bad experience… i just hope that doesnt happen for me… and i guess really… the tour company wouldnt use those hotels if they were crap.