Dear travellers,


still, i have not found anyone doing my trip. i’m hoping this second call out would be more sucessful. anyone doing the winter wonder tour commencing january 17th 2010???[br][br]pauline xo[br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


dont worry Pauline. hardly anyone checks these forums. ppl last minute book trips all the time, etc. it takes ages to get access on these forums so ppl mite see ur topic but cant get in contact with u. i think its better not making friends on here n making them on the trip. adds to the experience. i did 3 topdeck tours on my own n made heaps of friends. majority of the trips were ppl doing it solo n they all said they didn’t know about the forums. :slight_smile: [br][br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th '09[br][br]Ibiza (This was not a Top Deck trip… as u probably would have guessed.)[br]Aug 19th - Aug 25th '09[br][br]Croatia Sailing Stoncica[br]Sep 5th - Sep 12th '09[br][br]Decker Oktoberfest[br]Sep 14th - Sep 21st '09