Daypack suggestions for Europe!


Hi all! Just wondering what people suggested/ used with day packs for travelling in Europe? I hear pickpocketing rate is high and I want a secure bag that can fit a few things in, is hard to steal/steal from and comfortable! I’m open to suggestions, girls, did you just have a handbag that zipped or back pack? Doing Mediterranean Horizons in June and just want to make sure I’ve got a good bag! :slight_smile: thanks for the help!


When I have done trips in Europe I use either:


I haven’t had any issues.

If it is busy I usually hold my cross body bag in front of me with my hand also holding onto it for extra security.

I find a small bag like that is all you need because you don’t really need to carry too much stuff unless you have a large camera or want to carry a water bottle but you can get plenty of other cross body bags that are a bit larger and roomier that fit a lot more. But in the heat you don’t want to be carrying lots of things.

But in the winter I used a backpack because I carried extra warm accessories in case it got colder. just make sure it is a bag that zips and for added security has a flap over the zips

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I agree with the cross-body bag idea. I do that and for nights out, I use a hand clutch and inside the purse, I attach my wallet which is this one which zips and locks shut for extra security.

If you are doing a cross-body bag, I’d suggest a strap material that is not easy to cut.

When I was in Barcelona with Topdeck, two people in our group were pick-pocketed. One person lost his passport and everything so be sure to lock up your valuables!


I haven’t done my trip yet but planning to take a flat fanny pack to wear under my top with my passport and money in it, and then I bought a fjallraven kanken backpack which has a little clip together strap over the zips :slight_smile:


I have purchased this bag for Europe, it’s the XD Design Bobby which is anti-theft. The opening of the bag is facing your back rather than front (which makes it hard for pickpocketers to reach around and try and unzip without you feeling it), and it’s anti-cut as well so they can’t slice your bag open.


Ooh I like that backpack!!


Thank you so much! Absolutely helps and URL’s are an even better help! Thank you!!! I do like the bobby and was going to get it- but they don’t sell/ ship to Australia so I can’t get that one. I’ve found a cross body handbag which has a fairly hard to open magnet flap covering a main zip to open it so its almost impossible to open without me noticing. Worried however that the straps might get slashed :sweat: what are your thoughts on this idea? This is the bag here /


I’m going to Europe for six weeks over July/August and I am worried about the same thing!
I’m planning on buying an anti-theft handbag and my brother is buying an anti-theft back pack which are anti-cut, meaning the bottom can’t be slashed and the straps cant be cut. Might be a bit paranoid but i’d rather be safe than sorry!

Unfortunately anti-theft handbags are a little daggy so you have to shop around for anything decent. The main ones ive been looking at (i’m in Australia too) are Pacsafe and Travelon. Here are 3 of the least bad ones that I’ve found lol:



Thanks for sharing this simple and easy suggestion guys.


Hi Britts!

I have bought multiple anti theft backpacks and am a traveler as well! A backpack that has worked well for me is mark ryden backpack! They have a wide selection so check them out! If you’re looking for girl type bags then might be a good fit for you!

Let me know if you have qustions! Have been all over Europe so I know the area well! Cheers