Day packs?


Just wondering what day packs people took/ Are taking on the tour. I’m not sure what one to get or where to get it from. Any advice would help.[br][br]Shannon[br]European getaway sept5th


Hi there,[br][br]I had a caribee 60L travel pack which had a detachable day pack. They arent that safe on your back though as its amazing the amount of stories Ive heard about people having stuff stolen from their pack on the train etc and not even knowing. All i did was take a padlock that had a numerical combination and not a key (so i didnt have to worry about losing the key etc) and put all my valuables in one section that i could lock. All of my essentials like maps, a few euros etc were in the side pocket, so even if they got stolen it was not a problem. Hope this helps!!


I’m still not 100% sure about what i’ll do re a day bag, but my thinking at the moment is taking a small day packback which has my jacket, water bottle and whatever else that isn’t valuable, and then taking a small pacsafe slash proof bag which i’ll wear over my shoulder and toward the front of me which will have my camera, phone, wallet, etc…[br]i’m still not sure but i think that’s what i’m gonna do [br][br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


I’m planning on doing pretty much the same as Colina. I’ve got the detachable day pack from my big travel pack, which I’ll keep all the stuff that isn’t valuable in (I’ll still lock the main pocket though), and then I’ve got a Pacsafe slash proof bag for all the valuables.[br][br]Kaitlyn[br]Russia, Scandi & the Baltics[br](June 2009)


Where do I look for the pacsafe slash proof bags?

#6[br][br]This is where I got mine from :)[br][br]…Colina…[br]…Grand European - July 28th 2009…[br]?The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.? - Saint Augustine


Colina and I got the same bag and i’ll recommend it too! They’ve got all these awesome features and don’t stand out as a tourist bag either! I found them to be quite reasonably priced too :)[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Thats a good website, thanks Colina. Which one did you actually get?[br][br]But Nicole… reasonably priced? $119.20 for the tiny handbag?! I was all excited until I saw that. Is that reasonably priced?[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


I bought a slash proof bag from Strandbags it was about $95.00 they came in all different sizes. and no need to pay for postage!![br][br][br]Spirit of Europe Aug 18 2009

[br]It’s now $99 and no i don’t consider that to be reasonably priced. When i bought mine it was cheaper than that![br][br]Oh and it may look tiny and i thought it was too and then it arrived and i still thought it was small until i opened it! I found it to have enough room for everything i was going to be carrying around daily with lots of little pockets and zips here and there. I personally wouldn’t want to be lugging around Europe with a bigger bag but then again it’s personal choice.[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


I am considering the Osprey Warp
. More resonable priced at $69.95 over the pacsafe bags. It comes in other sizes as well. Probally looks a bit more touristy than the pacsafe handbag. The osprey brand is not widely available so it is a bag not many will know about.[br][br]Samantha[br]


Both look good. Thanks guys. I like the compartments in Nicole’s one and the fact that it shows measurements, however the second one (sams) looks a little more comfortable - esp in the shoulder area. May have a look in shops first as well.[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009