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Just wondering what sort of day packs everyone is using? I’m clueless on this. I’m usually a giant handbag girl - you know can almost fit my whole life in one. So I really don’t know what to go for in terms of a day pack? If anyone could provide any useful info that would be great - even if you could show me a link to a pictures of some good day packs that would also be great. As I said I’m really clueless with day packs. What should I even put in one? Besides passports, money?? I feel so silly asking this.


I’m going with my boyfriend, so he’s going to be carrying this around:

and I’m just taking a small cross-body handbag. I think we’ll just put passports, money, cameras, maybe a jersey and a water bottle or something. Just things that we’ll need when we’re wandering around :slight_smile:


My partner and I are taking our big backpacker packs, that have de-tachable backpacks/daypacks. In other words if we are just going for a day trip somewhere we can leave our big packs in the room, and zip off our backpacks and take those. But you can obviously zip it back on to the main pack if you are doing a bit of walking between destinations etc so that you are only carrying one bag :slight_smile:

We are also taking ‘money belts’ to have on us probably under our shirts at all times. This will have our passports and a bit of paperwork, money etc. This is a good idea heaven forbid your backpack gets stolen or accidently left somewhere. I’m very anal in regards to this ;D

In the pack, as mentioned, we will probably have water, camera, maybe a jumper or something, maybe sunscreen and a hat. When flying we are going to have a change of clothes and maybe a couple of toiletries in the backpack also incase something should happen and our luggage gets lost or delayed.

If you are buying a backpack seperately, you don’t have to spend a fortune but don’t get some cheapo dodgy brand from a $2 shop :P. You don’t want it to fall apart half way through your trip! Any camping or travel store should have a range of bags with a range of prices (obviously depending on the quality).

Hope this helps,


If you’re a handbag girl, you might be interested in products by Pacsafe. You can get large handbags, purses and backpacks that have steel cables through them which make the ideal for travel. I’ve seen them in Snowgum and Travelite and they’re available in a number of colours. The best thing is that they look like handbags but they have sections specifically designed for travel.

When you go, don’t take you’re regular purse - you’re not going to need all those loyalty cards overseas. You’ll only need your drivers licence if you’re hiring a car - if you need ID then you’ve got your passport. Also, this means that if the worst happens and things get stolen you don’t need to replace your drivers licence when you get home.


  1. Cash
  2. Credit/Debit cards
  3. Medicare card (this is a good card that emabssies etc can use on top of your passport as ID)
  4. Phone card (if you’re using one)
    That’s it!


  1. Purse
  2. Fold up shopping bag
  3. Fold up umbrella / One of those plastic ponchos
  4. Tissues (doubles as toilet paper)
  5. Camera (obviously will only fit a compact one, not a big zoom lens one)
  6. Makeup - limit this to lipstick and a compact. You won’t need a complete kit when you’re travelling
  7. Phone
  8. IPod
  9. Passport
  10. Squishy hat

Hope you can use this.

Stacey ;))


Im also a giant handbag girl! This whole concept of bringing a day pack got me all confused too. But I will probably bring a handbag that I can wear across the body that’s easy to carry while walking around during the day, one that’s big enough to fit all my essentials (passport,wallet, camera, water,etc). I’m more comfortable carrying a handbag around than a backpack. But I think I might also bring a carry on bag that I can fold up and shove in my suitcase as a back up just in case I do need something bigger. Anyway I figure it will come in handy on the way home - I’ll transfer some of the weight from my suitcase into this bag and bring it as my carry on luggage. It’s not a backpack though, but something kinda similar to a duffel bag.
Hope that helps.


I got a Pacsafe bag / handbag that I am going to wear across my body… I would probably use a bigger bag normally but try to remember that you don’t want to be carrying heaps each day. I will probably bring another bag alone as well and have it folded up in my case until the end of the trip that way I can use it to come home and carry on the plane.


I have a small backpack I intended to use and will use a money belt. I usually like to keep passports etc somewhere secure at a hotel
but if we are travelling between locations may use a money belt for them as well.


Totally a giant handbag girl myself. I used a daypack when I was living in Mexico, and found that they best rule of thumb-- make sure it can fit a camera, a book, a wallet (clutch style), sunglasses and then extra room for things you may pick up along the way. My sister and I are carrying the “Run-to-Work Backpack” from Lululemon Athletica. They are cute, but large enough to hold everything we will need.
Packs are great b/c they leave your hands free and don’t hurt your shoulder after many hours of holding onto it. :slight_smile:


I still dont know what to do :frowning:


You could always take a sidebag sort of thing that goes across you, if ur not so keen on a backpack?
I am taking a daypack as it came with my big pack, but also want to take some kind of smaller handbag for going out and for when i get back to london (am staying on to work for a bit).


The ordered the PacSafe CitySafe 200 - the bag is a perfect size!


To me that looks like a huge daypack, Jess. But it makes sense if you’re staying around town after.

I walked around London for a week with a regular back pack and my back was a bit sore and awfully sweaty. I had to wear my rain jacket every day that I was there in June that made things very warm. It was also my first trip and I took way too many things! This time I’m taking a bag much like this:
. If you’re just going around town with it you don’t need too much stuff. Take just the essentials like documents, money, camera, guide book (if you have one) and any tickets you’re using that day. Handy note: If you do think you’ll buy things, instead of carrying a backpack all day long, take a couple of the collapsible shopping bags along and try to shop in the afternoon or before you go back to where you are staying so you don’t have to carry everything all day.


I also got the PacSafe CitySafe 200 for my trip in July… I think it is the perfect size for what I will need day to day!


Heads up-- try and get a pack with tapes seams/zipper-- that way it’s water proof and your stuff won’t get soaked should you get caught in the rain. :slight_smile:


Ive been told that backpack are not the way to go…that a side pack that you can hold onto would be better?

Any advice??


Definitely definitely definitely you will need secure bags in Europe. Italy especially. Pick pockets/gypsies are really quick at getting in bags, pockets you name it without you even feeling it. They do it professionally! And they have been known to “stalk” tourist groups as well. We had that happen to us in Rome when I was on contiki. One girl had something taken right out of her hand in a crowd!! I personally take a bag that sits diagonally across my body. That way you can swivel them to be in front of you when you are in a crowded place. I just got one that cost about $30 from a luggage shop. You can probably get cheaper ones! It’s not big enough to carry a water bottle, but you can probably get one that will. It carried everything else I needed though.

Prob a good idea to keep passports in a money wallet. You lose that and you’re stuffed!

On contiki our tour guide used to say to us in Italy “backpacks become front packs today guys!” as it was too risky to have something on your back. In saying that though, if you have locks on your bag, then that is probably not going to be a problem.


hey all,

sorry it mite sound stupid but was wondering do we need to put the daypacks back into the backpacks each time we are back in the coach to travel to diff country?



No - the day pack goes onto the bus with you. The backpack goes under the bus.



Hey there!

Rest assured, you will be able to take your day pack with you on the bus!



Being summer does a back pack not get hot as was thinking of a man bag lol over the shoulder that way you can swing it to the front in crowdes?? Any thoughts??