Day bags


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

My friend and I are travelling around Europe with Topdeck in May/June 2013. I’m interested in what people found worked for them in regards to day bags/packs?

We’re females aged 22/23 and we’re worried if this make us more of a target for pick-pocketers etc? We’re quite travel savvy and switched on so we’ll be well aware of our surroundings however we don’t want to constantly be worrying about our personal belongings. Naturally we will just be carrying the bare basics (water, camera, money etc) so our day bag doesn’t have to be big and we will wear money belts for our passports etc.

Is it worthwhile paying a little extra money for bags such as Pacsafe? Or will a basic back pack/shoulder bag be sufficient?

Thank you!


You probably dont need anything to fancy such as a pacsafe, just a basic daypack should be fine, preferabbly something that has an internal hidden compartment so you can have small items hidden away.


You won’t need to carry your passport with you when walking around in Europe, just carry a photocopy and leave the real one in your hotel room or hostel safe.

Don’t carry all your cash and cards with you when out for the day, just one ATM/credit card and enough cash for the day and leave at least one backup secure in your room.

I have one of these bags by pacsafe and it works great:

However you could probably just do with a normal backpack or day bag, just use some common sense precautions like locking up the zippers on your bag, never leaving money or valuables in open pockets, keeping your bag close to you whilst sitting down so it can’t be easily snatched etc.


My friend and I found we left our day bags (normal backpacks) on the bus a lot and just took our normal handbags with the essentials. Just make sure you always hold onto them tightly and have it zipped up with the zip end facing in front of you so people can’t slip their hands in.
I wouldn’t worry too much about a day bag making you a target for pick pockets etc. there are plenty of people including locals walking around with them on, just keep the contents to the bare basics like maps, jumpers etc.


Thank you all for your input! It has been very helpful ;D