Day Bag

Hi all,
I’ve been looking through the forum and can’t seem to find an answer.
Just confused about what exactly a ‘day bag’ is?
Is it the handbag you use during the day or can it be something bigger?
Could I bring for example my small carry on (the one I will use for the plane ride) as my day bag then bring my handbag extra?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A day bag is anything you would use on a daily basis. Something big enough for a jumper/jacket, bottle of water and to carry your souvenirs in if you buy any. It could be a hand bag if you want or a backpack.

Personally I am taking a small back pack.

hope this helps.

I’m taking a big backpack for all my luggage and clothes and a “school” bag for when we have day trips, just make sure the one you use has safe hiding spots for your passport/money etc…if you go to Kathmandu they have really good day bags and they are on special at the momment.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:
I think I am going to bring a medium/large cross body bag with me since I am heading to Europe and quite aware at how skilled the pickpockets there are.

I have a n across the body handbag for the valuables and a back pack got a jumper and water etc.

ah Tracy thats an idea. What size is your cross body bag?

Hey Jessica,

I’m taking a back pack to leave on the bus each day and then I have a citysafe cross body bag which if perfect for travel and really safe! My sister bought it when she did a Contiki tour in Europe and said it was perfect.,-Wallets-Pouches/Citysafe-200-GII-Travel-Handbag-Black.aspx?c=11&sc=89&id=3748&utm_source=google&utm_medium=gshopping&utm_campaign=gshopping&gclid=CMSIjdKZgbcCFcFhpQod4HMAvA

hope that helps!

Hi Jessica
I sent an email to Topdeck asking a very similar question. They responded by saying that the bus is locked at any point when we are not on it so certain things can be left on it. I’m thinking about taking two bags every day (the one I would have used on the plane and a smaller one) then depending on what we are doing I can decide whether or not to walk around with the slightly bigger one.
Have an awesome trip :slight_smile:

Ah exactly the answer I was looking for Kym! thanks so much for sharing!
If that is the case then I will do the same (at least I can then use my carry on and not have it take up space and weight in my luggage!) :slight_smile:

Is it safe to leave a bag I the bus and just take my handbag that goes across my body once we get to places?

I am still a bit confused on what bags to take too. I was going to take a small wheelie suitcase on the plane and then a large cross body handbag but after reading these posts would it be better to get a backpack instead of a wheelie bag plus my handbag?