Day Bag


What sort of bag do girls take on trips? Just a normal handbag? Backpack?



Thanks for asking girl. I also need to know.


I am taking a small cross the chest purse for when i am out walking so I can move it to the front or back… depending where your going I am not so keen on people stealing my stuff and then I will have a Backpack on the bus for things I might need through out the day.


I agree with Kelsey, I personally think backpack ‘screams’ tourist so I am taking a handbag I can put over diagonally and then have it in the front of me when in crowded areas. This is what I’ve used when travelling around Asia, USA and Cuba with no problems so far.


This is going to sound bad, but you WILL need a backback even on days when not travelling. Think about it, you will be carrying:

Waterbottle (whether water, juice, soft drink or water)
Umbrella/rain coat

Plus you need something to put your purchases in.

I recommend you have a look at PacSafe items - these combine a handbag/pack style plus have the advantage of being slashproof, which in Europe in Summer is a bonus. Handbags that are slung across your body actually have the highest theft rate in Europe as the long strap is slashed and the thieves take the bag as you’re grabbing for the strap.

Hope this helps.

Stacey B-)


I’m taking one of these with me

It gives you enough room to store everything you might need for the day, its not a backpack, you can wear it across your body plus it is slash-proof and tamper-proof


I am taking a large handbag, I hate carrying too much. Less is more! Suncream, $$, ID, bandaids panadol, camera, lip gloss thats it! It’s summer so you wont need to carry extra clothing!
If you carry your hand bag at the front. (Which I always do in busy places) You will be fine. Id rather blend in, backback screams :Look at me I am a tourist! I lived in France and London for years and had no troubles. Just be very careful with the way you hold it. Don’t swing it around!


I just took a bag that goes over my shoulder and just packed things I would need for the day, was perfect to stop getting pickpocketed coz i could have it in front of me and my hand over it so I knew nothing would get snatched.
As Stacy said, all u need for the day is wallet, camera, sunscreen, hat and water bottle :slight_smile:


I think il be just taking one of my large handbags for my day trip but have a bag on the bus with swimmers ect in there :slight_smile:


I’ve got a tamper proof PAC safe bag-- good size, slash proof strap and bag, anti-skim compartments so they dont scan yoyur credit cards etc, zip locks etc…over shoulder. Just keep it short and hang onto it! Best $130 I’ve spent!


I also brought the Pacsafe bag! I feel like I really didn’t need this bag. Most girls brought their normal handbags and were fine!


I took a backpack with me & I was over it within my first few days! It was great for bus days but a real pain for general day to day exploring & I wished I had a smaller across the shoulder bag.

I did two trips and before my second one I bought myself a soft across the body bag which was great because it meant I could fold it up & put it in my backpack for bus days, then pull it out again for city exploring.


Its depend on girl.


Girl not only use hand bags for trips they can use other bags also.


Its good to see long discussion as i am able to see here and you have done mind blowing work here…thank you…