Day bag weight limit?


Hi all, I’m travelling to Europe in Nov 2017 for the first time and wondering about the day bags? I have a little backpack that connects to my main backpack is that considered as one bag? I would like a handbag as well and it’s my first international trip so I would like to do heaps of shopping after my trip!!


Hi! Yes if your bag is connected to each other then they’ll consider it one bag. Just make sure to check with your airline about size and weight because it can vary depending on the airline, American and delta usually let you check one free then also have a cabin bag… wow air and some others though charge separate for it each leg of the trip… also consider if youl be taking any short flights within Europe on budget airlines while your there as they usually charge extra for any bag that won’t fit under a seat. On another note, I’d pack as light as you can, since it’s more strenuous the more your constantly carrying around every other day… i found I’d rather go to the laundromat every 7-8 days rather then Cary to much.


A lot of people in my tour took a back pack and a lot of the girls had hand bags. Honestly we never got weighed and by the end of the trip a lot of people had to buy a second suitcase cause they bought so much. also when packing pack half of what you think you will need. There are laundries at most of the hotels otherwise the hotel can organise for your washing to be sent out and washed and sent back over night.