Day Bag = handbag or backpack?


Hi everyone,

This question is probably mainly for the ladies… would you suggest a backpack as a day bag or a handbag that you can tuck under your arm?

I’m a bit concerned about having a backpack as it would be easier for pickpockets to get into than if I had a handbag that I could hold under my arm… how much stuff do you really need to carry in your daybag? I’m thinking money, passport, camera, cellphone, jumper/sweatshirt, mini 1st aid kit are the main things? Is there anything else you found essential to carry in your day bags?



Hi Squeak

I had a handbag as well as a backpack… the handbag was used on the bus and for short stops and I used the backpack (which came with my big backpack) for when we did day trips into the cities, I just had a padlock on the backpack so that pickpockets couldnt get in and had no problems with it


I second what Jade said. I had a shoulder bag for my essentials that I could swing in front of my body in crowds or behind me when we were alone. It’s definately easier for when you make bus stops if you want to get out and use the loo or buy something.


Hi All,

I agree with Jessica, a shoulder bag is the best of both worlds. You have more room like a backpack but can keep it in front without looking silly. Also, you don’t have to hold onto it or constantly have it in the crook of your arm like a purse (which can get tiring).

One other thing you’ll always need in your day bag is a water bottle!



Definitely a shoulder bag!! I had a Gola one for when I went to Prague for 4 days, it was a heaven sent as I could keep everything in there (water bottle, camera, purse, id etc) and felt as if it were safe at the same time!


Hey :slight_smile: I’m getting a pacsafe toursafe sling and backpack for my tour. It’s anti-theft and can be worn two different ways…It’s $130 but very much worth the $$.

This is the bag and it can be worn two ways - across the body and also on either side like a backpack.

The cheapest place I’ve found online to get it is:

BUt there’s also a lot of baggage places that offer a 5% beat deal - so you could get them to beat this price by 5% as well! (eg Baggage world)

At home, I usually use a handbag but after all the horror stories I’ve heard about Italy being the pickpocketing capital of Europe I’m not taking any chances :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


I am taking a PacSafe across the body bag. It is big enough to keep everything on me during the day and then at night make the strap smaller to make it into a hand bag.


Me too, I brought one of these the other day. It’s so comfortable and just the right size :slight_smile:

And I brought one of these for at night


Nice - I like that little one! that would be very handy when out at night!


I like the idea of a that little one! Definitely a good idea, might look into that one myself!


I did a tour around europe last summer and I took a backpack and a small handbag (one which had a long enough strap that i use it like a satchel)…

the bag was only small, it fitted my wallet, passport, tissues, lip gloss and my hotel information… which really was all it needed… and it was still stylish…

I used the backpack once, when we needed an overnight bag…other then that it stayed on the bus…

Ill be going over again this summer and I will be taking the same thing…


This is one I’m considering buying - and for a pretty good price too!


Hey Rafah! I’m getting the sling/backpack of the same series. i was looking at the petite bag but I wanted to be able to fit my water bottle and wallet - both of which are rather large - and maybe even an umbrella. I’ll be taking a small handbag folded up inside of the backpack for any nights out where I need something smaller.


Hi Squeak how are you?

I would definitely buy a shoulder bag!! I bought a Roxy one from the surf shop for $50. Its big enough to even carry a change of clothes if i needed too.

Hopes this helps and enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m actually thinking now that I might get a pacsafe petite bag for going out at night and an ordinary bag for the day (cause pacsafe brand is good but kinda expensive!)


definately would not recommend those bags that go under ur clothes, I did a tour last year and one of the girls had one and when we were in Rome it was so hot she sweated through it and totaly wrecked her passport. took her days to organise a temp passport to come home.


hi, i’m planning on taking my crumpler messenger bag as my day bag and a small hand bang with shoulder strap for nights out. are messenger bags alright for europe?


I’m taking a messenger style bag! Just a large side bag really. Big enough for my small laptop, jumper, water bottle and passports etc.
I’m sure as long as you don’t take anything really heavy on the day trips you’ll be fine.

Also, I figure as long as you don’t act like a naive tourist and are aware of your bag you’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

Oh and a stylish handbag is a must for night! you don’t want to be in a club with a backpack! Just something similar to what you’d use at home.